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Advisory 2 (October 2010) On Econ 198 “Special Topics on Differential and Integral Calculus”

ECON 198 (Special Topics in Differential and Integral Calculus) is a required subject and under the new BSE and BSBE curriculum. It will be offered next semester (2nd Sem, 2010-11) as ECON 198 THR to be taught at the Math building.

ECON 198 THR (Special Topics in Differential and Integral Calculus) is a transitional course which UPSE will offer until the Math Department offers Math 102. As such, it will be treated as a math requirement and NOT as an Econ elective. This means that it will not be included in the computation of the EWA. Nor can it be credited as an Econ Elective by students under the old curriculum.

Advisory 1 (11 June 2010) On the effectivity of the new BSBE Curriculum

The new BS Economics curriculum shall be effective immediately and shall apply to the 2010-2011 incoming cohort into the School of Economics.

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