Edita A. Tan

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

  • Human Resource Economics, Monetary Economics

Teaching, Research, and Other Positions

  • Professor Emeritus, U.P. School of Economics

Selected Publications/Discussion Papers

  • “Income Distribution in the Philippines,” in J. Encarnación et al. Philippine Economic Problems in Perspective,Quezon City: University of the Philippines Institute for Economic Development and Research. 1976: 214-261
  • An Analysis of the Philippine Economic Crisis: A Workshop Report, co-authored with nine other faculty members of the UP School of Economics (E. S. de Dios, ed.)Quezon City: University of thePhilippines Press. 1984.
  • Economic Recovery and Long‑run Growth: An Agenda for Reform, co-author, Makati: Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 1986.
  • Chapter on Education, (with Mark Blaug) Sharing in Development in the Philippines,Geneva: International Labor Organization. 1974: 303-341
  • “Taxation, Government Spending and Income Distribution in the Philippines,” in Income Distribution, Employment and Economic Development in Southeast Asia and East Asia Volume I.  Papers and Proceedings of the Seminar sponsored by the Japan Economic Research Center and the Council for Asian Manpower Studies, 16‑20 December 1974. Japan Economic Research Center , Tokyo and Council for Asian Manpower Studies, Manila, July 1975: 232-285
  • “A Market Model” in Unemployment, Schooling and Training in Developing Countries, edited by M. D. Leonor, ILO‑WEP Study, Croom Helm, London, 1985: 124-167
  • The Philippine Educational System: The Case of Unplanned Education,” Paper presented at the RIHED‑ ARTEP Workshop on Manpower Planning in ASEAN Countries in RIHED, Singapore, 13‑15 December 1983, in Manpower Planning in ASEAN Countries.  ILO‑ARTEP/RIHED, Singapore, 1985.
  • “Implications of Private Demand for Education on Manpower Planning,” IEDR Discussion Paper No. 6906; Philippine Economic Journal, Vol. VIII No. 2, Second Semester 1969:117‑129.
  • “Credit Measures and their Impact on the Development of the Financial Structure,” Philippine Economic Journal, Vol. X No. 2, Second Semester 1971: 241‑265.
  • “Conduct  of Philippine Monetary Policy  and the Quantitative Control of Credit,” Philippine Review of Business and Economics, Vol. IX No. 2, December 1972: 47‑67.
  • “Causes of Unemployment of Educated Labor,” Philippine Economic Journal, (Papers and Proceedings of the Workshop on Manpower and Human Resources) Vol. XII Nos. 1 & 2, 1973: 607‑626.
  • “Public Policy and Income Distribution in the Philippines, A Survey,” Economic Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, Vol. XXX No. 2, December 1979: 46-61
  • “Bank Performance and Rate of Economic Recovery: The Philippine Case,” Economic Recovery and Reforms: Selected Papers, William A. McCleary (editor)Bangkok, Thailand, 2002 pp. 102-139.
  • “Labor Migration and the Philippine Labor Market,” Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies, forthcoming 2006.

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