Emmanuel S. de Dios


Research Interests

  • International Economics, Economic Theory, History of Economic Thought, Institutions and Economic Development


  • Oscar M. Lopez Sterling Professor of Law and Economics, University of the Philippines School of Economics, Jun 2008-present
  • President, Human Development Network, Sep 2012-present

Selected Publications

  • “Deviant behavior: a century of Philippine industrialisation” (with Jeffrey Williamson) in: Arsenio Balisacan, Ujjayant Chakravarty, and Majah-Leah Ravago, eds. Sustainable economic development: resources, environment, and institutions. San Diego, CA: Academic Press. 2015: 371-400.
  • “Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A note” (with Katrina Dinglasan) Philippine Review of Economics (Festschrift for H. Hill) 52(2) December 2015: 243-254.
  • “Gregorio Sancianco: an early advocate of presumptive taxation”, History of Economic Ideas 21(3) December 2013: 69-90.
  • “Institutions and governance” (with Geoffrey Ducanes) in: Maria Socorro Gochoco-Bautista and Hal Hill, eds. Asia rising: growth and resilience in an uncertain economy. Cheltenham, UK Edward Elgar and the Asian Development Bank. 2013: 49-75.
  •  “Indolence, incentives, and institutions”, Philippine Review of Economics (special Rizal issue) 49(2), December 2011: 41-78.
  • “Secular morality and the University” in: Sentenaryo 1908-2008: lectures on the centennial of the University of the Philippines. Quezon City: Office of the President, University of the Philippines System.. 2011: 45-81.
  • “Governance, institutions, and political economy“, in: Dante B. Canlas, Muhammad E. Khan, and Juzhong Zhuang, eds. Diagnosing the Philippine economy. London, New York, Delhi: Anthem Press and the Asian Development Bank. 2009: 295-336.
  • “Justice and the cost of doing business in the Philippines” (with Ma. Lourdes A. Sereno and Joseph C. Capuno), Philippine Review of Economics 46(1), June 2009: 35-86.
  •  “Local politics and local economy”, in Arsenio Balisacan and Hal Hill, eds. The dynamics of regional development: the Philippines in East Asia. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. 2007:127-173.
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  • “Corruption and the fall”, in Amando Doronila, ed. Between fires: fifteen perspectives on the Estrada crisis. Pasig: Anvil Publishing.  2002: 43-61.
  • “Centralisation, political turnover, and investment in the Philippines” (with Hadi Salehi Esfahani) in J. Edgardo Campos, ed.,Corruption: the boom and bust of East Asia. ed. Quezon City: Ateneo University Press. 2001: 101-130.