Florian A. Alburo

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

  • Agricultural Economics, International Economics, Monetary Economics

Teaching, Research, and Other Positions

  • Professor of Economics
  • President, Center for the Advancement of Trade Integration and Facilitation (CATIF)

Selected Publications

  • “The Development Impact of Information Technology in Trade Facilitation”, ARTNeT Working Paper 78 (Bangkok,Thailand: UNESCAP)  [2010]
  • Part I in The Development Impact of Information Technology in Trade Facilitation Studies in Trade and Investment No. 69 (New York: United Nations) [2010]
  • “Regional Cooperation on Trade and Transport Facilitation”, inImpact of Trade Facilitation on Export        Competitiveness  Studies in Trade and Investment No. 66 (New York: United Nations) [2009]
  • “Assessment of Potential ASEAN Free Trade Agreement with GCC, Mercosur, and Russia” Asian Development Bank [2008]
  • “Policy Coherence and Coordination for Trade Facilitation: Integrated Border Management, Single-    Window, and Other Options for Developing Countries” ARTNeT Working Paper 57(Bangkok, Thailand: UNESCAP) [2008]
  • Single Stop Inspection Services: Case Studies of Customs Cooperation” Asian Development Bank [2007]
  • “Prioritizing Trade Facilitation Measures: A Note” in Trade Facilitation Beyond the Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Regional Practices, Customs Valuation, and Other Emerging Issues (New York: United Nations) [2007]
  •  “A Note on the Future of Multilateral Governance of Global Trade” in Future Trade Research Areas that Matter to Developing Country Policymakers Studies in International Trade and Investment No. 61 (New York: United Nations) [2007]

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