Renato E. Reside Jr.

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

  • Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Public Economics

Selected Publications

  • “Estimation of the Contingent Liabilities of the Philippine Government.” United States Agency for International Development. May, 2001.
  • “Contagion and the Asian Currency Crisis (with M.S.G. Bautista).” The Manchester School Special Issue on Aspects of the Asian Crisis, Volume 67, No. 5, 1999, pp. 460-474.
  • “Infrastructure Finance in the Philippines: Some Lessons” in Financial Resources for Development in Myanmar: Lessons from Asia. Mya Than and Myat Thein Editors. Institure of Southeast Asian Studies 2000. Paper presentation for the Workshop of the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies on Mobilization of Financial Resources for Development in Myanmar, October 29-30, 1998, Singapore.
  • “Contagion and the Asian Currency Crisis: Some Initial Findings” (with M.S.G. Bautista) in The Philippines and the Republic of Korea: Meeting the Challenge of the 21st Century. Won Bae Kim, Editor. 1999. Paper presentation at the Second Republic of Korea-Philippines Interactive Conference, October 22-23, 1998, HannamUniversity, Taejon, South Korea.
  • “Country Study on Asset-Backed Securitization in the Philippines.” Asian Development Bank, 1998. (also co-authored Executive Summary report with G. Rhee and Y. Shimomoto for various countries).

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