Raul V. Fabella

Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

  • Economic Theory, Agricultural Economics, International Economics

Teaching, Research, and Other Positions (partial list)

  • Professor of Economics, UP
  • Dean, UP School of Economics (1998-2007)
  • Executive Director, Philippine Center for Economic Development (1998-2007)
  • Chairman of the Board, UPecon Foundation (1998-2007)
  • Visiting Professor, Kyoto Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University (1996-97).
  • Director for Economic Research, UPSE, (1992-97)
  • Research Fellow, Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya  University (1991-92).
  • Visiting Scholar, Centre of Regulation and Competition, Manchester University, UK
  • Chairholder, The Central Bank Professorial Chair  of Foreign Trade

Selected Publications/Discussion Papers/Books

  • Competitive Advantage and Competition Policy in Developing Countries, editor (with Paul Cook and Cassey Lee)  Edward Elgar: UK,  2007.
  • Choice, Growth and Development: Emerging and Enduring Issues editor (with E  de Dios), UP Press, 1996.
  • Financial Sector Issues in the Philippines, editor (with K. Ito), Institute for Developing Economies (IDE, Japan), 1996.
  • Towards Sustained Growth, editor (with H. Sakai), Institute for Developing Economies (IDE, Japan), 1995.
  • Resource Mobilization and Resource Use in the Philippines, editor (with H. Sakai), Institute for Developing Economies (IDE, Japan) 1994.
  • An Analysis of the Philippine Economic Crisis (with E. de Dios and 8 other faculty of UP School of Economics), UP Press, 1986.
  • “Is Local Development Good Politics?Local Development Expenditures and the  Re-Election of Governors in the Philippines in the 1990s (with Orville solon and Joseph Capuno) Asian Journal of Political Science, volume 17, 265-289, 2009.
  • “What Happens When Institutions Do Not Work: Jueteng, Crisis of Presidential Legitimacy and Electoral Failures in the Philippines”, Asian Economic Papers 5(3), 104-125, 2006.
  • “A Nozick-Buchanan Contractarian Governance as Solution to Some Invisible Hand Failures”, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 45, 284-290, 2005
  • “Monetary Cooperation in East Asia: A Survey”, Asian Development Review, 19, 1-46, 2002.
  • “The Welfare and Political Economy Dimensions of Private Versus Public Enterprise” (with Paul Cook).  The Manchester School 70, 246-261, March 2002.
  • “Generalized Sharing, Membership Size and Pareto Efficiency in Teams”, Theory and Decision 48, 1, 47-60, 2000.
  • “A Contractarian Approach to Pareto Efficiency in Teams: A Note”. Theory and Decision 48,  2, 139-149, March 2000.
  • “The East Asian Model and the Currency Crisis: Credit Policy and Mundell-Fleming Flows”, The Manchester School 67, 475-495. 1998.
  • “The Olson Ratio and Indirectly Endogenous Rent,” Public Choice 89 (1996): 325-337.

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