Stella Luz A. Quimbo


Research Interests

  • Microeconomics, Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Public Economics

Teaching, Research, and Other Positions

  • Commissioner, Philippine Competition Commission (on secondment)
  • Full Professor
  • Consultant, Health Policy Development Program, UPEcon Foundation
  • Program Manager, Quality Improvement Demonstration Study, UPEcon Foundation, 2003 to 2008

Selected Publications

  • Peabody, John ;  Shimkhada, Riti; Quimbo, Stella ; Florentino, Jhiedon;  Bacate, Marife;  McCulloch, Charles;  Solon, Orville. Financial Incentives and Measurement Improved Physicians’ Quality of Care in the Philippines.  Health Affairs 30, No. 4 (2011): 773-781.
  • Quimbo, S. A., Peabody, J. W., Javier, X., Shimkhada, R., Solon, O. (2010), Pushing on a string: How policy might encourage private doctors to compete with the public sector on the basis of quality, Economics Letters 110 (2011) pp. 101-103.
  • Quimbo SA, Peabody J, Shimkhada R, Solon O, Florentino J. “Evidence of a Causal Link between Health Outcomes, Insurance Coverage and a Policy to Expand Access:  Experimental Data from Children in the Philippines” Health Economics, forthcoming
  • Peabody, John W.; Florentino, Jhiedon; Shimkhada, Riti; Solon, Orville; Quimbo, Stella. Quality Variation and its Impact on Costs and Satisfaction: Evidence From the QIDS Study, Medical Care. 48(1):25-30, January 2010.
  • Capuno, J., Kraft, A., Quimbo S, Tan C. “Household out-of-pocket health spending, health insurance coverage, and children’s school attendance in the Philippines,” Philippine Review of Economics, vol. XLVI, No. 2, pp. 155-181, December 2009
  • Panelo C, Shimkhada R, Solon O, Quimbo SA, Florentino J, and Peabody JW. Understanding predictors of postdischarge deaths:  A prospective evaluation of children under 5 years discharged from Philippine district hospitals, Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health
  • James C, Peabody JW, Solon O, Quimbo S, Hanson K. “An Unhealthy Public Private Tension: The Impact of Physician Pharmacy Ownership on Prescribing Practices and Patient Spending” Health Affairs, July/August 2009, 28(4), pp. 211-222
  • Solon O, Peabody JW, Woo K,  Quimbo SA, Florentino J, Shimkhada R. “An evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of policy navigators to improve access to care for poor in the Philippines,”  Health Policy, 92(1): 89-95.
  • Solon O, Woo K, Quimbo SA, Peabody JW, Florentino J, Shimkhada R. “A Novel Method for Measuring Health Care System Performance: Experience from QIDS in the Philippines” Health Policy and Planning, 2009 May; 24(3):167-74.

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