New Acquisitions List (Periodicals) – March 2017


Environment and Development Economics

Volume 22, Part 1 February 2017


  • Land inequality and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon / André Albuquerque Sant’anna, pp. 1-25
  • Economic growth and energy use during different stages of development: an empirical analysis / Filippo Lechthaler, pp. 26-50
  • Distance to hazard: an environmental policy with income heterogeneity / Minoru Nakada, pp. 51-65
  • Corruption, environmental regulation and market entry / Amit K. Biswas, Marcel Thum, pp. 66-83
  • A hurricane wind risk and loss assessment of Caribbean agriculture / Preeya Mohan, Eric Strobl, pp. 84-106

Health Affairs

Volume 36, Number 2 – February 2017


  • Work, Health, And Worker Well-Being: Roles And Opportunities For Employers / Robert K. McLellan, pp. 206-213
  • Work, Health, And Insurance: A Shifting Landscape For Employers And Workers Alike / Thomas C. Buchmueller and Robert G. Valletta, pp. 214-221
  • Tracking The Changing Landscape Of Corporate Wellness Companies / Jean Abraham and Katie M. White, 222-228.
  • Workplace Programs, Policies, And Environmental Supports To Prevent Cardiovascular Disease / Ron Z. Goetzel, … et al., pp. 229-236
  • Chronic Conditions, Workplace Safety, And Job Demands Contribute To Absenteeism And Job Performance
    Kimberly Jinnett … et al., pp. 237-244
  • Temporarily Disabled Workers Account For A Disproportionate Share Of Health Care Payments / Brian Gifford, pp. 24-249
  • Health Care Use And Spending Patterns Vary By Wage Level In Employer-Sponsored Plans / Bruce W. Sherman … et al., pp. 250-257
  • Social, Psychological, And Physical Aspects Of The Work Environment Could Contribute To Hypertension Prevalence / David H. Rehkopf … et al., pp. 258-265
  • Racial And Ethnic Differences In The Frequency Of Workplace Injuries And Prevalence Of Work-Related Disability / Seth A. Seabury, Sophie Terp, and Leslie I. Boden, pp. 266-273
  • Women With Breast Cancer Who Work For Accommodating Employers More Likely To Retain Jobs After Treatment / Victoria Blinder … et al., 274-281
  • Medicaid Waivers Targeting Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Reduce The Need For Parents To Stop Working / Douglas L. Leslie … et al., pp. 282-288
  • Receiving Unemployment Benefits May Have Positive Effects On The Health Of The Unemployed / Jonathan Cylus and Mauricio Avendano., pp. 289-296
  • The Changing Dynamics Of US Health Insurance And Implications For The Future Of The Affordable Care Act
    John A. Graves and Sayeh S. Nikpay, pp. 297-305
  • Grandfathered, Grandmothered, And ACA-Compliant Health Plans Have Equivalent Premiums Heidi Whitmore … et al., pp. 306-310
  • Nudging Leads Consumers In Colorado To Shop But Not Switch ACA Marketplace Plans / Keith M. Marzilli Ericson … et al., 311-319
  • Projected Coding Intensity In Medicare Advantage Could Increase Medicare Spending By $200 Billion Over Ten Years / Richard Kronick, pp. 320-327
  • Longer Periods Of Hospice Service Associated With Lower End-Of-Life Spending In Regions With High Expenditures / Shiyi Wang … et al., pp. 328-336
  • Increased Service Use Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Associated With Mental Health Parity Law / Elizabeth A. Stuart … et al., pp. 337-345
  • Little Evidence Exists To Support The Expectation That Providers Would Consolidate To Enter New Payment Models / Hannah T. Neprash, Michael E. Chernew, and J. Michael McWilliams., pp. 346-354
  • Evidence Points To ‘Gaming’ At Hospitals Subject To National Health Service Cleanliness Inspections / Veronica Toffolutti, Martin McKee, and David Stuckler, pp. 355-361
  • Six-Month Market Exclusivity Extensions To Promote Research Offer Substantial Returns For Many Drug Makers / Aaron S. Kesselheim … et al., pp. 362-370;

Intereconomics : Review of European economic policy.


Volume 52, Number 1 – January 2017


  • Inefficient Inequality: The Economic Costs of Gender Inequality in Europe. pp. 4
  • Unlocking the Potential of Greater Female Employment in Europe / Lone Christiansen, et al. pp. 5-16
  • Gender Inequality and Growth in Europe / Stephan Klasen, Anna Minasyan. pp. 17-23
  • The Gender Employment Gap: Costs and Policy Responses / Martina Bisello, Massimiliano Mascherini. pp. 24-27
  • Gender and Inequality: Austerity and Alternatives / Diane Perrons. pp. 28-33
  • Gender Equality in Decision-Making Positions: The Efficiency Gains / Paola Profeta. pp. 34-37
  • Regulating the European Sharing Economy: State of Play and Challenges / Malthe Mikkel Munkøe. pp. 38-44
  • The Global Productivity Slowdown: Diagnosis, Causes and Remedies / Georg Erber, Ulrich Fritsche, Patrick Christian Harms. pp. 45-50
  • Policy Rules in the Economic and Monetary Union / Bodo Herzog, Minjae Choi. pp. 51-56
  • The Impact of Pension Age Changes — The Case of Malta / Aaron G. Grech. 63-64


Lahore Journal of Economics

Volume 21, Number 2 – July-December 2016


  • The Magnitude of Trade Misinvoicing and Resulting Revenue Loss in Pakistan / Tehseen Ahmed Qureshi and Zafar Mahmood. pp. 1-30
  • Is the Value Addition in Services and Manufacturing Complementary? Empirical Evidence from SAARC   / Mirajul Haq, Syed Kafait Hussain Naqvi, and Muhammad Luqman. pp. 30-52
  • Assessing the Effects of Fiscal Decentralization on the Education Sector: A Cross-Country Analysis / Iftikhar Ahmad. pp. 53-96
  • The Diversification Puzzle: The Role of Asymmetric Information and Insider Trading in Pakistan / Mushtaq Hussain Khan, Ahmad Fraz and Arshad Hassan. 97-120
  • Financial Contagion in EFA Markets in Crisis Periods: A Multivariate GARCH Dynamic Conditional Correlation Framework / Mobeen Ur Rehman. pp. 121-152
  • Do Financial Sector Activities Affect Tax Revenue in Pakistan? / Naeem Akram. pp. 153-169

The Review of Economics and Statistics

Volume 98, Number 5 – December 2016


  • Bombs, Brains, and Science: The Role of Human and Physical Capital for the Creation of Scientific Knowledge / Fabian Waldinger. pp. 811–831.
  • The White/Black Educational Gap, Stalled Progress, and the Long-Term Consequences of the Emergence of Crack Cocaine Markets /William N. Evans, Craig Garthwaite, Timothy J. Moore. pp. 832–847.
  • School Accountability, Postsecondary Attainment, and Earnings / David J. Deming, Sarah Cohodes, Jennifer Jennings, Christopher Jencks. pp. 848–862.
  • Trickle-Down Consumption Full Access / Marianne Bertrand, Adair Morse. pp. 863–879.
  • Credit Standards and Segregation / Amine Ouazad, Romain Rancière. pp. 880–896.
  • Liquidity Problems and Early Payment Default among Subprime Mortgages / Nathan B. Anderson, Jane K. Dokko. pp. 897–912.
  • Survive Another Day: Using Changes in the Composition of Investments to Measure the Cost of Credit Constraints / Luis Garicano, Claudia Steinwender. pp. 913–924.
  • War and Relatedness / Enrico Spolaore, Romain Wacziarg. pp. 925–939.
  • Markov-Switching Models with Evolving Regime-Specific Parameters: Are Postwar Booms or Recessions All Alike? / Yunjong Eo, Chang-Jin Kim. pp. 940–949.
  • Measuring the Level and Uncertainty of Trend Inflation / Elmar Mertens. pp. 950–967.
  • Policy Regimes, Policy Shifts, and U.S. Business Cycles / Saroj Bhattarai, Jae Won Lee, Woong Yong Park. pp. 968–983.
  • Globalization and Wage Polarization / Guido Cozzi, Giammario Impullitti. pp. 984–1000.

Review of World Economics

Volume 26, Number 2 – February 2017


  • Trade, FDI, migration, and the place premium: Mexico and the United States / Davide Gandolfi, Timothy Halliday, Raymond Robertson. pp. 1-37
  • Out-migration and economic cycles / Rémi Bazillier, Francesco Magris, Daniel Mirza. pp. 39-69
  • Modelling the volatility of commodities prices using a stochastic volatility model with random level shifts / Dennis Alvaro, Ángel Guillén, Gabriel Rodríguez. pp. 71-103
  • Volatility spillover effects in interbank money markets / Pedro Pires Ribeiro, José Dias Curto. pp. 105-136
  • Estimating sectoral product quality under quality heterogeneity / Xian-Liang Tian. pp. 137-176
  • Erratum to: Estimating sectoral product quality under quality heterogeneity / Xian-Liang Tian. pp. 177
  • The EU-Korea FTA: anticipation, trade policy uncertainty and impact / Csilla Lakatos, Lars Nilsson. pp. 179-198
  • The tide that does not raise all boats: an assessment of EU preferential trade policies / Maria Cipollina, David Laborde Debucquet, Luca Salvatici. pp. 199-231