New Acquisitions (Periodicals) – April 2018

American Economic Review

Volume 107, Number 11 – November 2017


  • Obviously Strategy-Proof Mechanisms / Shengwu Li. pp. 3257-3287
  • ‘Acting Wife’: Marriage Market Incentives and Labor Market Investments / Leonardo Bursztyn, Thomas Fujiwara, and Amanda Pallais. pp. 3288-3319
  • Decentralized Exchange / Semyon Malamud and Marzena Rostek. pp. 3320-3362
  • Discriminatory Information Disclosure / Hao Li and Xianwen Shi. pp. 3363-3385
  • The Consumption Effects of the 2007–2008 Financial Crisis: Evidence from Households in Denmark / Thais Lærkholm Jensen and Niels Johannesen. pp. 3386-3414
  • Housing Wealth and Consumption: Evidence from Geographically Linked Microdata / Aditya Aladangady. pp. 3415-3446
  • Gross Worker Flows over the Business Cycle / Per Krusell, Toshihiko Mukoyama, Richard Rogerson, and Aysegül Sahin. pp. 3447-3476
  • The Distributional Consequences of Large Devaluations / Javier Cravino and Andrei A. Levchenko. pp. 3477-3549
  • Do Expiring Budgets Lead to Wasteful Year-End Spending? Evidence from Federal Procurement / Jeffrey B.
  • Liebman et al. pp. 3550-3588
  • Gresham’s Law of Model Averaging / In-Koo Cho and Kenneth Kasa. pp. 3589-3616
  • Why Do People Give? Testing Pure and Impure Altruism / Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Lise Vesterlund, and Huan Xie. pp. 3617-3633

AEJ : Applied Economics

Volume 10, Number 1 – January2018


    • Hospitals as Insurers of Last Resort / Craig Garthwaite, Tal Gross, and Matthew J. Notowidigdo. pp. 1-39
    • The Price of Prejudice / Morten Størling Hedegaard and Jean-Robert Tyran. pp. 40-63
    • For Better or for Worse?: Education and the Prevalence of Domestic Violence in Turkey / Bilge Erten and Pinar Keskin. pp. 64-105
    • Demand for Alcohol Consumption in Russia and Its Implication for Mortality / Evgeny Yakovlev. pp. 106-149
      Social Media and Corruption / Ruben Enikolopov, Maria Petrova, and Konstantin Sonin. pp. 150-174
    • Free to Choose: Can School Choice Reduce Student Achievement? / Atila Abdulkadiro˘glu, Parag A. Pathak, and Christopher R. Walters. pp. 175-206
    • Together We Will: Experimental Evidence on Female Voting Behavior in Pakistan / Xavier Giné and Ghazala Mansuri. pp. 207-235
    • College Party Culture and Sexual Assault / Jason M. Lindo, Peter Siminski, and Isaac D. Swensen. pp. 236-265
    • The Impact of AIDS Treatment on Savings and Human Capital Investment in Malawi / Victoria Baranov and Hans-Peter Kohler. pp. 266-306
    • Do Low Levels of Blood Lead Reduce Children’s Future Test Scores? / Anna Aizer, Janet Currie, Peter Simon, and Patrick Vivier. pp. 307-341

AEJ : Macroeconomics

Volume 10, Number 1 – January 2018


  • Measuring Job-Finding Rates and Matching Efficiency with Heterogeneous Job-Seekers / Robert E. Hall and Sam Schulhofer-Wohl. pp. 1-32
  • Sustainable Shadow Banking / Guillermo Ordoñez. pp. 33-56
  • Job Polarization and Structural Change / Zsófia L. Bárány and Christian Siegel. pp. 57-89
  • Climate Policy and Innovation: A Quantitative Macroeconomic Analysis / Stephie Fried. pp. 90-118
  • The Relative Importance of Aggregate and Sectoral Shocks and the Changing Nature of Economic Fluctuations / Julio Garin, Michael J. Pries, and Eric R. Sim. pp. 119-148
  • Firms and the Decline in Earnings Inequality in Brazil / Jorge Alvarez, et al. pp. 149-189
  • Job Search Behavior over the Business Cycle / Toshihiko Mukoyama, Christina Patterson, and Aysegül Sahin. pp. 190-215
  • The Possibility of Ideological Bias in Structural Macroeconomic Models / Gilles Saint-Paul. pp. 216-241


The Developing Economics

Volume 56, Number 11 – March 2018


  • “Land Grab” or Development Opportunity? The Effect of Transnational Farmland Investments on the Ghanaian Economy / Donggul Choi. pp. 3-34
  • The Role of Exports in the Transmission of Horizontal and Vertical Spillovers of Foreign Direct Investment:
  • The Case of Turkish Manufacturing Industry / Felor Ebghaei and Arzu Akkoyunlu Wigley. pp. 35-50
  • Does Microfinance Reduce Poverty among the Poorest? A Macro Quantile Regression Approach / Maricruz Lacalle-Calderon, Manuel Perez-Trujillo, and Isabel Neira. pp. 51-65


Volume 85, Number 6 – November 2017


  • Uncertainty and Unemployment / Edouard Schaal. pp. 1675-1722
  • Sales Force and Competition in Financial Product Markets: The Case of Mexico’s Social Security Privatization / Justine Hastings, Ali Hortaçsu, and Chad Syverson. pp. 1723-1762
  • Understanding the Price Effects of the Miller Coors Joint Venture / Nathan H. Miller and Matthew C. Weinberg. pp. 1763-1846
  • EXcess Idle Time / Federico M. Bandi, Davide Pirino, and Roberto Renò. pp. 1793
  • Competitive Division of a Mixed Manna / Anna Bogomolnaia, et al. pp. 1847-1872
  • Marriage, Labor Supply, and Home Production / Marion Goussé, Nicolas Jacquemet, and Jean-Marc Robin. pp. 1873-1920
  • Value of Persistent Information / Marcin Peski and Juuso Toikka. pp. 1921-1948
  • Persuasion of a Privately Informed Receiver / Anton Kolotilin, et al. pp. 1949-1964
  • Progressive Learning / Avidit Acharya and Juan Ortner. pp. 1965-1990
  • The Non-Democratic Roots of Elite Capture: Evidence From Soeharto Mayors in Indonesia / Monica Martinez-Bravo, Priya Mukherjee, And Andreas Stegmann. pp. 1991-2010


Health Affairs

Volume 37, Number 2 – February 2018


  • Diffusion Of Innovations Theory, Principles, And Practice / James W. Dearing, and Jeffrey G. Cox. pp. 183-190
  • Overcoming Challenges In Codifying And Replicating Complex Health Care Interventions / Tim J. Horton, John H. Illingworth, and Will H. P. Warburton. pp.191-197
  • Road Map For Diffusion Of Innovation In Health Care / E. Andrew Balas, and Wendy W. Chapman. pp. 198-204
  • Learning Collaboratives: Insights And A New Taxonomy From AHRQ’s Two Decades Of Experience  / Mary Nix, et al. pp. 205-212
  • Government As Innovation Catalyst: Lessons From The Early Center For Medicare And Medicaid Innovation Models / Rocco J. Perla, et al. pp. 213-221
  • Taking Innovation To Scale In Primary Care Practices: The Functions Of Health Care Extension / Sarah S. Ono, pp. 222-230
  • Palliative Care Leadership Centers Are Key To The Diffusion Of Palliative Care Innovation / J. Brian Cassel, et al.
  • Integrating Social Needs Into Health Care: A Twenty-Year Case Study Of Adaptation And Diffusion / Rebecca D. Onie, et al. 240-247
  • A Payer-Guided Approach To Widespread Diffusion Of Behavioral Health Homes In Real-World Settings / James Schuster, et al. 248-256
  • Data-Driven Diffusion Of Innovations: Successes And Challenges In 3 Large-Scale Innovative Delivery Models / David A. Dorr, Deborah J. Cohen, and Julia Adler-Milstein
  • Association Of A Regional Health Improvement Collaborative With Ambulatory Care–Sensitive Hospitalizations / Joseph Tanenbaum, et al. pp. 266-274
  • Innovative Use Of Electronic Consultations In Preoperative Anesthesiology Evaluation At VA Medical Centers In New England / Melissa K. Afable, et al. pp. 275-282
  • Practices Caring For The Underserved Are Less Likely To Adopt Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visit / Ishani Ganguli, et al. pp. 283-291
  • The Hidden Roles That Management Partners Play In Accountable Care Organizations / Valerie A. Lewis, et al. pp. 292-298
  • Medicaid Versus Marketplace Coverage For Near-Poor Adults: Effects On Out-Of-Pocket Spending And Coverage
  • Fredric Blavin, Michael Karpman, Genevieve M. Kenney, and Benjamin D. Sommers. pp. 299-307
  • New Risk-Adjustment Policies Reduce But Do Not Eliminate Special Enrollment Period Underpayment / Stan Dorn, Bowen Garrett, and Marni Epstein. pp. 308-315
  • The Equity Impact Vaccines May Have On Averting Deaths And Medical Impoverishment In Developing Countries / Angela Y. Chang, et al. pp. 316-324

Health Affairs

Volume 36, Number 12 – December 2017


  • Only One In Twenty Justice-Referred Adults In Specialty Treatment For Opioid Use Receive Methadone Or Buprenorphine / Noa Krawczyk, et al. pp. 2046-2053
  • Mortality Quadrupled Among Opioid-Driven Hospitalizations, Notably Within Lower-Income And Disabled White Populations / Zirui Song. pp. 2054-2061
  • National Trends In Specialty Outpatient Mental Health Care Among Adults / Beth Han, Mark Olfson, Larke Huang, and Ramin Mojtabai. pp. 2062-2068
  • Medicaid Expansion And Marketplace Eligibility Both Increased Coverage, With Trade-Offs In Access, Affordability / Thomas M. Selden, Brandy J. Lipton, and Sandra L. Decker. pp. 2069-2077
  • Marketplace Plans Provide Risk Protection, But Actuarial Values Overstate Realized Coverage For Most Enrollees / Maria Polyakova, Lynn Mei Hua, and M. Kate Bundorf. pp. 2078-2084
  • Medicare ACO Program Savings Not Tied To Preventable Hospitalizations Or Concentrated Among High-Risk Patients / J. Michael McWilliams, Michael E. Chernew, and Bruce E. Landon. pp. 2085-2093
  • Comparing The Effects Of Reference Pricing And Centers-Of-Excellence Approaches To Value-Based Benefit Design / Hui Zhang, David W. Cowling, and Matthew Facer.pp. 2094-2101
  • Rising Use Of Observation Care Among The Commercially Insured May Lead to Total And Out-Of-Pocket Cost Savings  / Emily R. Adrion, et al.pp. 2102-2109
  • The Effect Of Medicaid On Medication Use Among Poor Adults: Evidence From Oregon / Katherine Baicker, et al.pp. 2110-2114
  • The Uninsured Do Not Use The Emergency Department More—They Use Other Care Less / Ruohua Annetta Zhou, et al.pp. 2115-2122
  • Older Americans Were Sicker And Faced More Financial Barriers To Health Care Than Counterparts In Other Countries / Robin Osborn, et al.pp. 2123-2132
    The US Provided $13 Billion In Development Assistance For Health In 2016, Less Per Person Than Many Peer Nations / Angela E. Micah, et al.pp. 2133-2141
  • Hepatitis C Testing Increased Among Baby Boomers Following The 2012 Change To CDC Testing Recommendations / Joshua A. Barocas, et al.pp. 2142-2150
  • Value Of Waiving Coinsurance For Colorectal Cancer Screening In Medicare Beneficiaries / Elisabeth F. P. Peterse, et al. pp. 2151-2159
  • Public And Private Payments For Physician Office Visits / Adam I. Biener, and Thomas M. Selden. pp. 2160-2164
  • Risk Adjustment May Lessen Penalties On Hospitals Treating Complex Cardiac Patients Under Medicare’s Bundled Payments / Adam A. Markovitz, et al. pp. 2165-2174
  • Performance And Participation Of Physicians In Year One Of Medicare’s Value-Based Payment Modifier Program / Karen E. Joynt Maddox, et al. pp. 2175-2184
  • The Big Five Health Insurers’ Membership And Revenue Trends: Implications For Public Policy / Cathy Schoen, and Sara R. Collins. pp. 2185-2194
  • Medical-Legal Partnerships At Veterans Affairs Medical Centers Improved Housing And Psychosocial Outcomes For Vets / Jack Tsai, et al. pp. 2195-2203

Health Affairs

Volume 36, Number 11 – November 2017


  • Lower-Income Countries That Face The Most Rapid Shift In Noncommunicable Disease Burden Are Also The Least Prepared /  / Thomas J. Bollyky, et al. pp. 1866-1875
  • Trends In The Alignment And Harmonization Of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, And Child Health Funding, 2008–13 / Melisa Martinez-Alvarez, et al. pp. 1876-1886
  • Nationwide Mortality Studies To Quantify Causes Of Death: Relevant Lessons From India’s Million Death Study / Mireille Gomes, et al. pp. 1887-1895
  • Avoidable Hospital Admissions From Diabetes Complications In Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, And Communities Outside Beijing / Jianchao Quan, et al. pp. 1896-1903
  • In British Columbia, The Supply Of Primary Care Physicians Grew, But Their Rate Of Clinical Activity Declined / Lindsay Hedden, et al. pp. 1904-1911
  • Global Lessons In Frugal Innovation To Improve Health Care Delivery In The United States / Yasser Bhatti, et al. pp. 1912-1919
  • Improving Care And Lowering Costs: Evidence And Lessons From A Global Analysis Of Accountable Care Reforms / Mark McClellan, et al. pp. 1920-1927
  • Health Professional Education And Universal Health Coverage: A Summary Of Challenges And Selected Case Studies /


Volume 53,  Number 1 – January/February 2018


  • Europe in 2018: Less Populist, More Popular? / Pierre Moscovici. pp. 2-3
  • Who Benefits from Trade Wars? / Wolfgang Lechthaler, Mariya Mileva.pp. 22-26
  • Debt Sustainability Analyses for Italy, Spain and Portugal: Assessment and Recommendations / Jürgen Matthes. pp. 27-33
  • Helicopter Money: Should Central Banks Rain Money from the Sky? / Ansgar Belke. pp. 34-40
  • Steering the Unsteerable? Aggregate Fiscal Stance and Spillover Effects in the Euro Area / Stephan Freitag, Jörg Stosberg. pp. 41-46

Journal of East Asian Studies

Volume 17, Number 3 – November 2017


  • Unexplored Consequences of Violence against Civilians during the Korean War / Woo Chang Kang and Ji Yeon Hong. pp. 259-284
  • Resource Nationalism in Indonesia: Ownership Structures and Sectoral Variation in Mining and Palm Oil / Eve Warburton. pp. 285-312
  • Consistency and Vote Buying: Income, Education, and Attitudes about Vote Buying in Indonesia / George Towar Ikbal Tawakkal, et al. pp. 313-330
  • Political Ties and Firm Performance in China: Evidence from a Quantile Regression / Wenjing Xie, Keji Liu, Fei Xie, and Haoyuan Ding. pp. 331-340
  • Foreign Policy Alignment with the War on Terror: The Case of Japan’s Foreign Aid Program / John P. Tuman, Jonathan R. Strand, and Majid Shirali. pp. 343-354

Journal of Economic Literature


Volume 55, Number 2 – June 2017


  • Liquidity: A New Monetarist Perspective / Ricardo Lagos, Guillaume Rocheteau and Randall Wright. pp. 371-440
  • School Vouchers: A Survey of the Economics Literature / Dennis Epple, Richard E. Romano and Miguel Urquiola. pp. 441-492
  • Sorting through Search and Matching Models in Economics / Hector Chade, Jan Eeckhout and Lones Smith. pp. 493-544
  • Classifying Economics: A History of the JEL Codes / Beatrice Cherrier. pp. 545-79
    Opportunities, Welfare, and Social Justice: A Review of Fishkin’s Bottlenecks / François Maniquet. pp. 580-591
  • A Review Essay on Isabel Sawhill’s Generation Unbound: Drifting into Sex and Parenting without Marriage and Laurence Steinberg’s Age of Opportunity: Lessons from the New Science of Adolescence / Anna Aizer. pp. 592-608
  • Review of Climbing Mount Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb by Douglas S. Massey et al. / Yannis M. Ioannides. pp. 609-620
  • The Decentralized Central Bank: A Review Essay on The Power and Independence of the Federal Reserve by Peter Conti-Brown / Narayana R. Kocherlakota. pp. 621-36

Journal of Economic Perspectives

Volume 31, Number 4 – Fall 2017


  • Delivering Public Health Insurance through Private Plan Choice in the United States / Jonathan Gruber. pp, pp. 3-22
  • Selection in Health Insurance Markets and Its Policy Remedies / Michael Geruso and Timothy J. Layton. pp. 23-50
  • The Questionable Value of Having a Choice of Levels of Health Insurance Coverage / Keith Marzilli Ericson and Justin Sydnor. pp. 51-72
  • From Proof of Concept to Scalable Policies: Challenges and Solutions, with an Application / Abhijit Banerjee, et al. pp. 73-102
  • Experimentation at Scale / Karthik Muralidharan and Paul Niehaus. pp. 103-24
  • Scaling for Economists: Lessons from the Non-Adherence Problem in the Medical Literature / Omar Al-Ubaydli, et al. pp. 125-44
  • How Food Banks Use Markets to Feed the Poor / Canice Prendergast. pp. 145-62
  • Brexit: The Economics of International Disintegration / Thomas Sampson. pp. 163-84
  • Enrollment without Learning: Teacher Effort, Knowledge, and Skill in Primary Schools in Africa / Tessa Bold, et al. pp. 185-204
  • Population Control Policies and Fertility Convergence / Tiloka de Silva and Silvana Tenreyro. pp. 205-28

Quantitative Economics

Volume 8, Number 3 – November 2017


  • Latent indices in assortative matching models / William Diamond and Nikhil Agarwal. pp. 685-728
    Determining the number of groups in latent panel structures with an application to income and democracy / Xun Lu and Liangjun Su. pp. 729-760
  • Does redistribution increase output? The centrality of labor supply / Kartik Athreya, Andrew Owens, and Felipe Schwartzman. pp. 761-808
  • Identification of time and risk preferences in buy price auctions / Daniel Ackerberg, Keisuke Hirano, and Quazi Shahriar. pp. 809-850
  • How to solve dynamic stochastic models computing expectations just once / Kenneth L. Judd, Lilia Maliar, Serguei Maliar, and Inna Tsener. pp. 851-894
  • Dynamic skill accumulation, education policies, and the return to schooling / Christian Belzil, Jorgen Hansen, and Xingfei Liu. pp. 895-928
  • Demand heterogeneity in insurance markets: Implications for equity and efficiency / Michael Geruso. pp. 929-976
  • The distribution of wealth and themarginal propensity to consume / Christopher Carroll, et al. pp. 977-1020
  • A note on identification of discrete choice models for bundles and binary games / Jeremy T. Fox and Natalia Lazzati. pp. 1021-1036
  • Measuring the willingness-to-pay for others’ consumption: An application to joint decisions of children / Sabrina Bruyneel, et al. pp. 1037-1082