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Yes, the Chinese loans are onerous

Don’t roll your eyes just yet, Reader. This week a “controversy” arose between Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio and presidential spokesperson Sal Panelo. The DOF then joined in to “clarify” the issues.

Will the real President please stand up?

A hundred million thank you’s to Conchita Carpio Morales and Albert del Rosario. For taking up the cudgels for more than a hundred million Filipinos who have stood helplessly by as China made inroads into Philippine territory and sovereignty over the past 20 or so years.

Another crisis: the budget

Does the budget document that survived the bicam reflect the priorities in the PDP? That is really the question we should ask.

Why is the President so enamored of China?

The question is: Why is President Duterte so enamored of China, when the rest of the world is having second thoughts?

What promises has he kept?

Hardly had the ink dried on this newspaper when Duterte praised himself rather effusively last Saturday for fulfilling ALL of his promises, except for the Edsa traffic problem

Applause for the rice tariffication law

Kudos to President Duterte and to Congress. I mean it, Reader.

Duterte’s abuse of power

Get real Philippine Daily Inquirer, 16 February 2019   Last week’s column described how President Duterte unleashed, or caused to be unleashed, the full powers of government against one woman—Sen. Leila de Lima—which has resulted in her being incarcerated for two years now, while embroiled in legal battles (three, so far), fighting charges that can...

The shameful persecution of Leila de Lima

On Feb. 25, we will be celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolt that bloodlessly and peacefully toppled the Marcos dictatorship. The whole world—which, thanks to TV, was watching—was unanimously in praise of the efforts of the Filipino people.

Implement, not further amend, the law

Reader, I’ve been doing more research into the issue of lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) to 12 years and one day of age.

Why change the MACR at all?

Frankly, I don’t see why the MACR has to be changed at all. Congress has its eye on the wrong ball. What we need is to implement the law properly.

Royally screwed

One remembers one’s childhood and what was almost a mantra when one failed to eat all of what was on one’s plate: “Think of the millions of poor, starving children in China who are hungry, and here you are wasting your food.” Or something like that, designed for maximum effect: shame and guilt on the...

Head-spinning judicial decisions

Decisions, decisions. Judicial, that is. The news has been full of them lately.