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How PH fares in the Human Capital Index

The Human Capital Index (HCI) is the latest indicator that has been formulated (by the World Bank) to help countries achieve inclusive and sustainable growth. But we already have a Human Development Index (HDI), so why the need for an HCI?

A hailstorm of fury

First things first: The Filipino people have been robbed of arguably one of the best chief justices we could have—Associate Justice Antonio Carpio.

Why Filipinos distrust China

What we can take to the bank, Reader, in this era of fake news and overstated achievements, is the fact that Filipinos don’t trust China. Social Weather Stations (SWS) has been conducting surveys on this since 1994, and out of 47 surveys, only nine times did trust in China come out positive (but just barely). ...

We have rule by law, not rule of law

Is the Philippines following the Rule of Law, or Rule by Law? Two prepositions—“of” and “by”. Tiny. Yet these make all the difference in the world, Reader.

The curious 3rd telco bidding

The flavor of the week is Davao’s Dennis Uy and his Mislatel consortium with China Telecom. They reportedly “won” the bid to be the Philippines’ third telco. The question on everybody’s mind is, did they win it fair and square?

Donald Duterte and Rody Trump

It is eerie, the similarity between Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump. So why bring it up again, if it has apparently been discussed to death? Because, just when things seem to be dying down, Donald Duterte or Rody Trump comes up with something new to titillate us.

Judge Soriano and the old normal

Judge Soriano represents the old (quite old, one must add) normal. He called it like he saw it, and damn the torpedoes.

Grave abuse of power by the House

Question: Why is a mining company being considered for a franchise as a business in which it obviously has no experience?

Lessons in Harry’s downfall

Reader, whether you like Harry Roque or not, whether you respect him or not, I think you have to agree that President Duterte treated him more like a rat or cockroach than like the dog or tuta that he was. But maybe there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Here’s what the Alston Report says, Harry

Federalism, Charter change, national security, martial law, the Supreme Court decisions, the forthcoming elections, the guessing game on the President’s health—these issues occupy our minds so much, we may fail to appreciate an emerging pattern pointing to our democracy in danger.

Sorry, Reader, I spoke too soon

Let’s hope RTC Judge Andres Bartolome Soriano, Branch 148, is made of sterner stuff than his colleague Elmo Alameda of Branch 150. I had saluted them both in this column for standing up to the administration, but apparently Alameda’s knees buckled under pressure.

History revised by BBM and JPE

Dumbfounded. That was what I was as I watched Part 1 of the interview by Bongbong Marcos (BBM) with former senator Juan Ponce Enrile (JPE).