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Monthly archive July 2014

Education, location, and poverty

Why has economic growth, which has outstripped population growth, not made much of a dent in our poverty? Why have our Southeast Asian neighbors succeeded in bringing poverty incidence down to single-digit levels or even to zero?

Fragile: survey shows how precarious the Philippine state still is

The Philippines is one of the top 10 most worsened -- not most improved -- states, both by score and by rank. This result contradicts the picture painted by Malacañang that the Philippines is improving in the area of good governance.

Balamban, Cebu – How a foreign direct investment transformed a rural town from poor to very prosperous

Balamban, Cebu is the municipality where the Tsuneishi shipbuilding enterprise from Japan decided to set up operations in 1994. The rising yen and high labor costs forced the shipbuilder to look for lower cost sites. I have visited Balamban three times across the years and have seen its progression.