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Monthly archive May 2015

Banaue rice terraces, the ‘heirloom rice’ project, and community development in the Cordilleras

How do we interrelate the safekeeping of the works of famed painter – Vicente Manansala the National Artist – with the continued survival of our unique rice terraces as living monuments of mountain rice growing?

Elpidio Quirino’s minimum wage law

Yesterday was Labor Day. I doubt that many Filipinos remember that the first Minimum Wage Law in the Philippines (Republic Act No. 602) was enacted 64 years ago (April 6, 1951), during the administration of President Elpidio Quirino.

The risks of a rising peso

Recent data show that the United States economic recovery remains tentative. These lead to fresh speculation that the peso will start to appreciate. But a strong peso does not necessarily mean that the Philippine economy is weak, but that the US economy is weak. In fact, a strong peso is not necessarily good for most...

Thailand harnessed foreign direct investments to raise its economic fortunes

Thailand today is the most economically diversified and successful of the Asean countries. Singapore and Malaysia are not as diversified. In terms of output per head and industrialization, Thailand is ahead of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and all other member countries.