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Monthly archive August 2015

Incredible but true: two of three underemployed workers are not paid

The twin problem of joblessness and poverty will define President Benigno S. C. Aquino III’s presidency. After five years in office, he has failed to put a dent on the unemployment and underemployment problem; in fact, one can make a strong case that it has worsened under his watch.

‘Daang matuwid’ or ‘daang kurakot’

It’s now official: Mar Roxas is the Liberal Party’s candidate against Jojo Binay for the presidency of the Philippines. “Daang matuwid” vs. “daang kurakot.” The straight and narrow vs. the crooked and corrupt.

Last SONA of President Benigno S. Aquino III

I have a tentative judgment. How do I rate the presidency of one whose last SONA has just been delivered? One year is yet to go. But I give it a rating. I give it a “Good Pass,” for performance in general.

Reasons for optimism

There are reasons to be optimistic with the imminent exit of the inept, ineffective, heartless, and vindictive President Aquino. With the changing of the guard, it is reasonable to expect that the new president will be different from the incumbent in a number of ways.