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Monthly archive August 2017

Profane — but gutsy

He regularly disses women, with a special focus on rape victims. And he gets away with it. No outrage that he is affecting our children’s values. In fact, he is defended by his supporters who say that he is merely reflecting the frustration of the Filipino people, and their basic values. So it is okay....

The Global Peace Index

Of the 19 countries in the Asia Pacific region, the Philippines has the second lowest rank in peacefulness, below North Korea which is ranked the least peaceful.

Unprocessed mineral export ban

In his 2017 SONA, Pres. Duterte threatened, among others, to stop the export of unprocessed mining products. This follows the ban on similar products in 2014 by Indonesia. The ostensive purpose of this exercise is to raise the value added from each unit of mineral export by subjecting to further processing locally.

Breaking down the tax reform package

Without even looking at the details, the reader can see that the bottom 60 percent of income earners are negatively impacted by the package (the figures are in italics, and are parenthesized) as well as the top 0.1 percent. Those are the DOF estimates.