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National interest versus world welfare

There is a saying. “All politics is local.” Hence, national policies are an expression of local policies. Last week’s topic about the Amazon fires and the danger to world environment is an indication of local politics coming to clash with world welfare issues.

PSA’s assessment: a failing grade for Ph

Are we doing well or not? If you want to make up your mind based on hard evidence rather than press releases, false news, etc., the best place to go is to the PSA itself—its website, in the section called StatDev.

Rainforests and the Amazon: economic development and the environment

The news of the week for environment watchers is the extensive Amazon fires. Burning forest lands in Brazil flashed across TV and has raised alarmed commentaries about global warming.

An appeal to the UP Board of Regents

This column is an appeal to the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University of the Philippines to reverse a decision by UP president Danny Concepcion regarding a cheating case in the UP School of Economics (UPSE).

Prices of our favorite local fruits have become more expensive

There is a price phenomenon about native fruits in the food basket. Why have our favorite local fruits become much more expensive?

Free Sen. Leila de Lima

I am again writing about the case described by Supreme Court Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio as “one of the grossest injustices ever perpetrated in recent memory in full view of the Filipino people and the whole world.”

GDP growth 2019 — factors to consider

A lingering question for the whole year is whether the year’s growth target of around six percent for 2019 is achievable.

Rice tariffication problems and measures to deal with them

I don't see any evidence at this point that lawmakers of the 17th Congress made a big mistake passing this law.

The Chinese invasion

I don’t know what those offshore gaming workers do, but it doesn’t sound like they are an asset for the Philippines. More like liabilities.

Employment and activity in the informal economy

It is in the informal sector where those who cannot find good jobs in the modern sector are absorbed. Here the rules and regulations of work and employment are ignored, or simply do not apply.

Duterte’s veto

The veto shows that Duterte’s populism remains for the moment “bridled”; by economic common sense, that is.

There is hope for the country

The students of the University of the Philippines have recently shown what they are made of. And they have shown up their elders in the university, because they insist that the university live up to its motto “Honor and Excellence,” where honor takes pride of place.