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Economic challenges in the 2nd year of the Duterte government

In Duterte’s time, and reading into plans to spend more for infrastructure and other social programs, the fiscal deficit is likely to worsen.

Government “underspending” in perspective: Incompetence, inertia, or indigestion?

The measured underspending over the last 5 years has more to do with ambitious targets rather than apathetic or incompetent bureaucrats.

The first Duterte budget proposal, priorities, and economic reforms

Last week, the Duterte administration submitted its first budget proposal for enactment by Congress. Aside from providing for the day to day business of the government as an institution, the budget does not disappoint in outlining the new directions and programs of the new administration.

Is the budget a tool for development, political patronage, or political vindictiveness?

The national budget is a tool for development. But as the saying goes: the test of the pudding is in the eating. What President Aquino did and didn’t do, and their policy consequences, will define his budget performance.

Aquino government caught in the inaction zone

On the eve of Mr. Aquino’s exit from Malacañang, it can now be told: the contribution of government to the economic expansion in the last 5 years is nil if not negative.

Underspending: a bad habit that’s hard to break

The recently released budget numbers showed an administration that’s having a hard time breaking a bad habit: underspending. Not surprisingly, the release of the 2015 fiscal numbers was delayed.

The ABCs of budget preparation and execution

The recent case of Grace Poe ripped the Supreme Court into two camps. Though the court had decided to let her run for president, it was a close call.

Where has the P260-billion government spending for agriculture gone?

Citizens have the right to know where the P260 billion the Aquino III administration spent for agriculture between 2011 and 2015 went. With that kind of money, what has the administration done for the agriculture sector in general and for the farmers and Filipino consumers in particular?

What’s wrong with the 2016 budget?

The underspending of the Aquino administration is legendary. For the last five years, it has missed its spending targets by a mile.

Old habits die hard

The outgoing Aquino III administration has the bad habit of underspending what Congress has authorized it to spend. ... From the looks of it, the fiscal year will close with much more serious underspending.

A new, more powerful Department of Interior and Local Government is born

The Department of Interior and Local Government under the Aquino administration is the combined Constabulary, Ministry of the Interior, and Ministry of Human Settlements during the Marcos years. In its present form, the DILG is a ‘super’ Department.

Congress shouldn’t squander its rare opportunity to reassert its power of the purse

The Supreme Court (SC) decision on the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) is now part of the laws of the land. As duly elected officials, it is the responsibility of President Benigno S. C. Aquino III and his officials to respect and embrace, rather than resist, this path-changing decision.