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First 100 days: accelerating momentum for more FDIs

It might appear premature to give suggestions on how economic issues should be approached by the incoming administration of Rodrigo Duterte.

Ease of doing business is improving but more difficult this year than in 2015

The good news is that the ease of doing business in the Philippines has improved during the last six years. The bad news is that such advance was not good enough.

As Aquino term nears the end, its chances of attaining inclusive growth are quickly fading

With 10 months to go before his term ends, the likelihood that President Aquino III’s would achieve his promise of a strong, sustained and inclusive economic growth is fading fast.

The discontinued Hanjin project in northern Mindanao: Large foreign direct investments and local governments

In 2007-2009, one of South Korea’s shipbuilding companies – Hanjin – made a bold plan to build a $2 billion shipbuilding operation in northern Mindanao. Local politics and the insensitive acts of local government officials killed the project.

Limited FDI inflows show that the Philippines is uncompetitive

The Aquino administration, in its final year, and the next administration, has to move heaven and earth to drastically reform the Philippine economic landscape.

Thailand harnessed foreign direct investments to raise its economic fortunes

Thailand today is the most economically diversified and successful of the Asean countries. Singapore and Malaysia are not as diversified. In terms of output per head and industrialization, Thailand is ahead of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and all other member countries.

Foreign direct investments brought big gains to high-growth East Asian countries

In the past few weeks, I discussed, in succession, how foreign direct investments (FDIs) improved and accelerated the economic progress of Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. I could have looked further back in history and done the same review for the newly industrialized countries of East Asia.

Vietnam’s rapid growth via high FDI flows

Vietnam has undergone sustained industrial and economic transformation in recent decades with GDP (gross domestic product) growth averaging close to eight percent per year.

Foreign direct investments to the Philippines and Indonesia compared

Foreign direct investment flows into the Philippines have been lately encouraging and the government is hyping all this. President Aquino thinks we are doing well and there is no need to improve FDI policies. To sharpen the discussion, let us just compare Philippine FDI accomplishments with that of Indonesia.

PEZA — successful foreign investment attraction, diversification, and growth

The Philippine Export Zone Authority (PEZA) is the one successful agency that has helped to attract foreign direct investments (FDIs) to the country, increased the employment of Filipino workers, and expanded and diversified our exports to the world.

Why we can’t seem to attract investments

The Philippines has attracted the least foreign direct investments (FDIs) among the ASEAN-5 economies. Blame the unattractiveness of the Philippine economy to foreigners to the poor infrastructure, the burdensome tax system, and some restrictive provisions of the Philippine Constitution.

Costly mistakes in our nation-building

Big mistakes in nation-building arise out of unwise decisions. Small mistakes that serially get repeated are big mistakes.