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Ona is not, never will be, a politician

Here’s a comparison of the two cases: Purisima was suspended after four or five months of investigation leading to the Ombudsman’s decision to suspend him. Ona was effectively suspended even if there were no charges against him from the Ombudsman, Department of Justice, or National Bureau of Investigation.

My stroke: good and bad news

Don’t just harrumph and turn the page. It may save your life, because a stroke or brain attack is the second leading cause of death in the Philippines (as it is worldwide, except in low-income countries). The No. 1 is diseases of the heart. From what I see, the risk factors for both are very...

Tax policy inconsistency

Policy makers choose to ignore the basic tenets of taxation. Congress, and with the concurrence of the President, continues to grant tax exemptions, thereby enlarging the huge hole in the tax base. Another case where politics triumph over economics.

For constituency or tobacco lobby?

Those responsible for watering down the Drilon sin tax proposal were trumpeting that they were doing it to help the tobacco farmers. If so, that implies the interests of 95 million Filipino people- took second place to the supposed interests of 50,000 tobacco farmers.

Rewriting the changes in the sin taxes — II

I have written extensively on why earmarking of funds is a bad idea. Earmarking has not worked, here and abroad. Hence, if I were to rewrite the proposed changes in the sin tax system, I would delete the section on the Disposition of Excise Tax Collections from Alcohol and Tobacco Products.

Rewriting the changes in the sin taxes

Core Business World, 23 October 2012   If I were to rewrite the changes in the taxes on cigarettes and liquor, I would do the following: simplify the law; impose equal if not higher taxes on liquor and distilled spirits than on cigarettes; and reduce the deadweight loss (the loss in efficiency associated with any...

Why is PH experience with LPG so different?

Check it out on the Internet, folks. Liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG, is a favored motor vehicle fuel. Countries like the US, the UK, Australia, and Israel, provide incentives for its use, and the Philippines encourages it.