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Current world headlines and the economy

Developments that are significant enough to disturb current trends and events in other regions of the world eventually could affect us.

Xi Jinping visit: future China and Philippine economic relations

The official state visit of Xi Jinping of China to the Philippines produced a large set of potential economic cooperation projects that promises to be more than spectacular as the two nations face the future.

World War I: our limited participation

The Philippines was dragged into the war because it was then a part of the American empire in the Pacific. America’s expansion as a nation had experienced transformation into a world power by this time, but it was a limited empire with few possessions. The Philippines was its colonial bastion in the Pacific.

US-China trade war will be settled

The trade war between the US and China has been escalating step-by-step since the beginning of this year. The trade war also causes greater risk and uncertainty to world commerce and development.

What does Big Data say about PH exports?

[with Annette Balaoing-Pelkmans] Recent concern over a widening current account deficit has refocused attention on the country’s lagging export performance. Goods exports have fallen drastically as a share of GDP from 45 percent in 2000 to just 16 percent in 2017. Big Data offers some clues to this decline.

Two pesos per dollar unsustainable after independence: Phl economic history

Philippine independence was on schedule to be delivered on July 4, 1946 just a few months after the end of the Second World War. The economy was vastly devastated by four years of Japanese occupation and the war for liberation which brought in further destruction.

The trade deficit and the balance of payments: what need be done

A developing country often displays a balance of trade deficit in the course of its economic development. But some more successful countries have used export-driven policies to create trade surpluses that enabled them to pay for their import needs while facilitating the growth of public and private investments and the economy in general.

Trade war: Consequences on nations

With US metal tariffs taking effect in July, some steel exporting countries are already set with their equivalent direct retaliation against the US.

Opportunity and danger: trade war and summit

A contradiction of opportunity and danger summarizes three major current events that are shaping the geopolitical and international trade scenario. All of these measures are related to actions initiated by President Trump as he tries to advance his economic and political agenda on the world scene.

Monetary policy addresses current macro challenges

The Bangko Sentral decided to raise the basic interest rate governing domestic lending transactions by 25 basis points. Such a move indicates the monetary policy response to pressure points that are currently showing themselves to economic policy makers.

US and China: on the brink of a trade war

When one country initiates action intended to hurt another, and the other country responds to inflict a similar hurt, then a trade war happens. Such is the nature of the relationship between the United States and China as of yesterday.

Kim Jong Un: madman or genius?

Is Kim a madman or a genius? If a madman with only random flashes of sanity, he will soon enough revert to the Orwellian strategy of continued nuclear build-up, of confrontation and the absolute loyalty of his deprived subjects. We’ll be back to square one with only a fading memory of hope.