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Philippine growth: Wages, employment, and poverty reduction

Two current World Bank studies dealing on the Philippine economy provide a useful framework for reviewing the status of economic development and of labor market issues in the country.

Endo and manufacturing

Contractualization has been painted as “evil” by rabid Endo advocates. Yes, abuses happen but even freedom is abused. We don’t ban freedom for a reason.

Is the labor market tightening?

The falling unemployment rate is a mirage. The total picture about employment is that the whole economy is full of underemployed workers.

Ending ‘endo’ — larger issues

The call to end “contractualization” is but a continuation of the opposition led by organized labor against the practice of employing workers on a non-regular basis. Costly regulation or not, there are real economic reasons for the variety of contractual arrangements observed in the Philippine labor market.

More on ‘endo’ and employment

Removal of “endo,” or contractualization, is not as simple as proponents want it to be. It has major implications on the employment situation and, hence, on poverty.

Endo, wages, poverty, and employment-labor market issues

It is a paradox, but it is true. Measures that appear to be modest in terms of labor policy will allow us the greatest flexibility in achieving more development and improve the welfare of labor. This is borne out by the experience of many countries in our neighborhood.

Employment market policies under the incoming Duterte government

Employment creation is the most effective weapon against poverty eradication. There are very hopeful signs that the incoming government of president-elect Duterte will move well on this front.

Dear Ben…

Your column raised some good points. Unfortunately, the piece was marred by errors in some of the statistics and computations you use. I'm sorry, but I think we need to correct them for pedagogical reasons.

The Bangsamoro’s labor market policies: how to promote more employment and eradicate poverty

Provinces in the Bangsamoro region are among the poorest areas in the country. There, poverty is severe and unemployment(including underemployment) is a big problem.

Why poor Bicol, Visayan and Mindanao towns are prevented from enjoying Balamban, Cebu’s success

It is sad that poor towns in Bicol and some Visayan islands as well as Mindanao may not be as lucky as Balamban. In my travels to these places, I have seen the magnitude of poverty and the lack of employment opportunities. Unless reforms are introduced, the policy obstacles will bar the opportunities.

Enlightened thoughts on Labor Day

The commemoration of Labor Day last week brings to mind the question of what policies bring about rising standards of living for labor. In the course of decades of Philippine development, labor’s condition has not improved as much as that of some outstanding East Asian neighbors.

Surprise holidays promote a culture of fiestas and siestas

Like everyone else, I love holidays. But I want my holidays to be known to me well ahead of time. This desire of knowing well ahead of time must be of wider importance.