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For the nth time, pass the RH bill now!

If President Aquino were truly for the RH bill, why isn’t he pushing for it hard enough? If he can only show the same passion and determination he displayed when he had the Chief Justice removed from office, the RH bill should have been approved by Congress a long time ago.

MDGs and PH: What’s the score?

Most of the Millennium Development Goals have quantitative targets to be achieved by 2015 from baseline indicators as of the early 1990s. With barely three years to go before the milestone, it is timely – nay, urgent – that we check how much progress our country has made toward these goals.


I was really taken aback by the latest attack against artificial contraceptives -- that they cause congenital anomalies in babies born of mothers who were on the ACs either before or during pregnancy. Senator Sotto, and Congressman Ace Barbers, leveled these charges, citing their own experiences.

RH will help economy reach ‘sweet spot’

“Demographic sweet spot” is becoming a buzzphrase in business and political circles and the media, thanks to British international bank HSBC’s bold prognosis early this year on the Philippine economy’s rise to global prominence by 2050. This was essentially echoed by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas Governor Amando Tetangco Jr. at the Euromoney forum late in...

Population, poverty, politics and the Reproductive Health bill

The population issue has long been dead and buried in developed and most developing countries, including historically Catholic countries. That it continues to be debated heatedly in our country merely testifies to the lack of progress in policy and action. The Catholic Church hierarchy has maintained its traditional stance against modern family planning (FP) methods,...

Read his lips on the RH bill

Is President Aquino for or against the Reproductive Health (RH) bill? Why can’t he make a bold, clear, and categorical statement in support of the RH bill considering that reforms in population management play a crucial role in his plan for a strong, sustained and inclusive growth for the Philippine economy?