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The Gon I knew

I learned about Gon’s passing while in the US. By impulse, I felt a big loss. I just had to pause and think about the Gon I knew.

Gon: not forgotten

It’s literally true Gon Jurado was with the School of Economics from its birth. He joined the faculty in 1965, as soon as he finished his M.A. from the department, the same year this institution was established as a separate academic unit.

The UP Faculty Center fire

Two major fires hit the University of the Philippines and University of the East and a bomb threat was received by the Ateneo de Manila University within days of each other last week. The fire damage was large and incalculable, far beyond just the physical worth of the structures and their contents.

Cynch pays tribute to Dondon

This tribute was read at the UP School of Economics’ Tribute in honor of Dr. Cayetano Paderanga, 12 February 2016; UPSE Auditorium.

Remembering Dondon Paderanga

Let me break it at once to you: Dondon Paderanga was to me a colleague, a friend, a brother, and a mentor all rolled into one.


In the well-received film Heneral Luna, the eponymous hero asks the question: “Negosyo o kalayaan? Bayan or sarili? Pumili ka!” This quote is now regarded as the definitive meme for patriotism -- ethical behavior is equated with self-abnegation, the sacrifice of individual well-being.

Early days

The beginnings of the School of Economics can be traced to the minuscule economics department that moved to the Diliman campus after the war. Amado Castro reminisces, “The economics faculty was just me and Valmonte.”

Welcome remarks 2015

Allow me to take this opportunity to thank two sets of parents. One set consists of those who tightened their belts to pay for the out-of-pocket expenses of a UP education.

Native trees and national development

This is the time of year when many of our countrymen troop to the churches and through national highways for a vacation to cooler places. The summer heat brings to mind the shade and comfort that trees provide. As I write, I have with me three weighty materials on the subject of native trees.

UP School of Economics at 50 — the GPS Awards

I pay homage to my home institution. It was fifty years ago when the School of Economics was founded as an independent academic unit, although economics as an academic offering had been around much longer though in the university.

On Sicat’s “Cesar Virata: life and times”

As I accumulate years, my consciousness tends increasingly to dwell on the past – finding increasing enjoyment in reading history. One has to of course beware: history is written from many lenses.

Damiana Eugenio, master compiler of Philippine folkloric myths, legends, riddles, and proverbs

Known mainly to a few specialists in the field, she however served a wide national audience. Folklores, myths, legends, riddles and proverbs being part of our national heritage.