1981 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 1981-01) Relative Contributions of Mixed Variables to the Variation of a Regressand Abstract PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
(DP 1981-02) The Corporate Income Tax: Its Distributive Implications on Individual Shareholders Abstract PDF
Nilda D. Vasquez
(DP 1981-03) The Lexicographic Consumer Theory Abstract PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
(DP 1981-04) Asian Urbanization and Development: A Comparative Analysis Abstract PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia
(DP 1981-05) Youth Employment in the Philippines Abstract PDF 1/2 PDF 2/2
Rosa Linda P. Tidalgo, Virginia A. Teodosio
(DP 1981-06) The Development Contibution of Multinational Firms in the Philippines: A Summary of A Survey of 28 Firms Abstract PDF
Charles W. Lindsey
(DP 1981-07) On the Use of Linear Programming for Family Planning Resource Allocation Abstract PDF
Rolando A. Danao
(DP 1981-08) A Lexicographic Arbitration Model Abstract PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
(DP 1981-09) Is Agricultural Loan Deliquency Inevitable? Abstract PDF
Chita Tanchoco-Subido
(DP 1981-10) What's Wrong (or Right) About Our Credit Policies? Abstract PDF
Chita Tanchoco-Subido
(DP 1981-11) Rural Savings Behavior Abstract PDF
Chita Tanchoco-Subido
(DP 1981-12) Subcontracting and Technological Deffusion in the Philippine Manufacturing Abstract PDF 1/2 PDF 2/2
Hal Hill
(DP 1981-13) Some Aspects of Japanese Investments in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Florian A. Alburo
(DP 1981-14) Are Money Balances An Inferior Asset?: Rational Expectations and the Household Demand for Money Abstract PDF
Manuel F. Montes
(DP 1981-15) Local Public Enteprises in Developing Countries: Issues and Practices Abstract PDF
Benjamin E. Diokno