1997 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 1997-01) Measuring the Effects of Schooling on Wages for a Young Sample from Rural Guatemala Abstract PDF
Michael M. Alba
(DP 1997-02) Technological Change as a Determinant of Economically Sustainable Growth: A Case Study of the Philippines Abstract PDF
Frank M. Little
(DP 1997-03) A Keynesian Model of Aggregate Demand and Supply Abstract PDF
Jose Encarnacion, Jr.
(DP 1997-04) A Note on Philippine Financial Openness Abstract PDF
Jose Antonio Tan III, Cayetano Paderanga Jr.
(DP 1997-05) Growth and Equity in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Arsenio M. Balisacan
(DP 1997-06) A Theoretical Derivation of the Laffer Curve and the Effect of the Tax on Wage and Employment Abstract PDF
Casimiro V. Miranda Jr.
(DP 1997-07) The Net Index of Protection and the Flight from Tradeable Sector Abstract PDF
Raul V. Fabella
(DP 1997-08) The Relationship Between Technological Change and Economic Development Abstract PDF
Frank M. Little
(DP 1997-09) Financial Liberalization, Saving Mobilization and Banking Innovations Abstract PDF
Edita A. Tan
(DP 1997-10) Globalization, Capital Flows and Macroeconomic Policy Issues Abstract PDF
Florian A. Alburo