1999 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 1999-01) Could a Common Currency Have Prevented the Asian Crisis? Abstract PDF
Ma. Claret Mapalad, Emmanuel S. de Dios
(DP 1999-02) The Philippine Economy in the Asian Crisis Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat
(DP 1999-03) Estimating the Modes of Labor Force Participation in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Michael Alba, Emmanuel F. Esguerra
(DP 1999-04) Technological Change and Industry Structure in the Philippines: 1969-1985 Abstract PDF
Francis M. Little
(DP 1999-05) Economic Ideas During the Malolos Congress Abstract PDF
Emmanuel S. de Dios
(DP 1999-06) Philippine Colonial Banking During American Period Abstract PDF
Yoshiko Nagano
(DP 1999-07) Economic Cooperation in ASEAN Accelerates: Appreciating Professor Widjojo Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat
(DP 1999-08) Health Care Expenditure Patterns in the Philippines: Analysis of National Health Accounts, 1991-1997 Abstract PDF
Orville Solon, Alejandro N. Herrin, Rachel H. Racelis, Marites G. Manalo, Virginia N. Ganac, Glenita V. Amoranto
(DP 1999-09) Some Inferences from the Distribution of the Devolved Health Services Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 1999-10) The Political Economy of Decentralization: Financing of Health Services in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 1999-11) The Economic Travails of Some Less Developed Countries in Asia as the Consequence of Inefficiency Exposed by Globalization: A Theoretical Explanation Abstract PDF
Casimiro V. Miranda Jr.
(DP 1999-12) The Crisis in South Korea Abstract PDF
Ma. Claret M. Mapalad
(DP 1999-13) Indonesia: The Strange and Sudden Death of a Tiger Economy Abstract PDF
Hal Hill
(DP 1999-14) Estimating the Philippine Government's Exposure to the Risk from Contingent Liabilities in Infrastructure Projects Abstract PDF
Renato Reside Jr.
(DP 1999-15) Reconstructing Poverty Profiles in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Arsenio M. Balisacan