2010 Discussion Papers

Table of Contents


(DP 2010-01) Spatial development and the law of one price: Evidence of convergence of land values Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 2010-02) Gatekeeper Versus Auctioneer: A Non-Tatonnement Result Abstract PDF
Emmanuel S. de Dios, Grace T. Ong
(DP 2010-03) Determinants of Outcomes of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in Infrastructure in Asia Abstract PDF
Renato E. Reside, Jr., Amado M. Mendoza, Jr.
(DP 2010-04) The Case of the Missing Remittances in the FIES: Could it be causing us to mismeasure welfare changes? Abstract PDF
Geoffrey Ducanes
(DP 2010-05) Firm Characteristics as Determinants of Views on the Minimum Wage Policy Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat
(DP 2010-06) Trade Liberalization and Wage Inequality in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Rana Hasan, Karl Robert L. Jandoc
(DP 2010-07) Spotlighting on High Economic Growth, Employment of the Poor, and Poverty Reduction: A Three‚ÄźPronged Strategy Abstract PDF
Gerardo P. Sicat
(DP 2010-08) The Philippine Economy and Poverty During the Global Economic Crisis Abstract PDF
Arsenio Balisacan, Sharon Piza, Dennis Mapa, Carlos Abad Santos, Donna Odra
(DP 2010-09) MDG 1 in the Philippines: Setting the Scores Right and Achieving the Targets Abstract PDF
Arsenio M. Balisacan
(DP 2010-10) Leadership and Innovation under Decentralization: A Case Study of Selected Local Governments in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno
(DP 2010-11) Household choices, circumstances and equity of access to basic health and education services in the Philippines Abstract PDF
Joseph J. Capuno, Aleli D. Kraft
(DP 2010-12) A Multi-Level Choice Theory Abstract PDF
Raul V. Fabella