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2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-02) Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP): Time to Let Go Abstract   PDF
Raul V. Fabella
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-03) Time to let go of CARP? Not so fast Abstract   PDF
Toby C. Monsod, Sharon A. Piza
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-04) Rights and Capabilities: Reading the Philippines Magna Carta of Women from the Perspective of the Capabilities Approach Abstract   PDF
Marina Durano
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-05) The Impact of Philippines’ Conditional Cash Transfer Program on Consumption Abstract   PDF
Melba V. Tutor
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-06 R) Why Do People Leave Bequests? For Love or Self-Interest? Evidence from a New International Survey of Bequest Plans Abstract   PDF
Charles Yuji Horioka
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-07) The Role of Science, Technology and Research in Economic Development Abstract   PDF
Ramon L. Clarete, Ernesto M. Pernia, Ammielou Gaduena, Adrian Mendoza
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-08) Who Are Poor and Do They Remain Poor? Abstract   PDF
Geoffrey M. Ducanes, Edita Abella Tan
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-09) Population Management, RH Law, and Inclusivity Abstract   PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-10) The Life and Work Of Martin Stuart (“Marty”) Feldstein Abstract   PDF
Charles Horioka
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-11) Beyond the remittances-driven economy: Notes as if the long run mattered Abstract   PDF
Felipe M. Medalla, Raul V. Fabella, Emmanuel S. de Dios
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-12) Evolutionary Economics and Household Behavior Abstract   PDF
Charles Yuji Horioka
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-13) The Piketty Inequality in the Nash-Bargained Social Contract Abstract   PDF
Raul V. Fabella
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-14) Exchange-Rate Overshooting: An Analysis for Intermediate Macro Abstract   PDF
Fidelina B. Natividad-Carlos
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-15) Improving Credit Access for the Food and Agriculture Sector through Enhanced Implementation of Existing Policies and New Strategies Abstract   PDF
Gary B. Teves
2014 Discussion Papers (DP 2014-16) Remittances, informal loans, and assets as risk-coping mechanisms: Evidence from agricultural households in rural Philippines Abstract
Marjorie C. Pajaron
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-01) Why Has Latin America Sped Up Ahead of the Philippines in Economic and Political Reform? Abstract   PDF
Rosa Alonso i Terme
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-02) Where does the money go? Assessing the expenditure and income effects of the Philippines' Conditional Cash Transfer Program Abstract   PDF
S. Quimbo, J. Capuno, A. Kraft, R. Molato, C. Tan
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-03) Completing Ostrom’s Table: A Note on the Taxonomy of Goods Abstract   PDF
Emmanuel S. de Dios
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-04) Differential Delivery Dates, Retrievability and the Incentives Compatibility of Contracts Abstract   PDF
Raul V. Fabella
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-05) N-Poly Viability and Conglopolistic Competition in Small Emerging Market Abstract   PDF
Raul V. Fabella
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-06) Re-Thinking Market Failure in the Light of the Imperfect State Abstract   PDF
Raul V. Fabella, Vigile Marie Fabella
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-07) From Commodity Booms to Economic Miracles: Why Southeast Asian Industry Lagged Behind Abstract   PDF
Jean-Pascal Bassino, Jeffrey G. Williamson
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-08) Solar Power's Rise and Promise Abstract   PDF
Ernesto M. Pernia, Maria Janela M. Generoso
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-09) How We Measure Poverty Understates its Extent and Depth: Some Results Abstract   PDF
Edita Abella Tan
2015 Discussion Papers (DP 2015-10) Gearing the Philippines for ASEAN Economic Community Abstract   PDF
Florian A. Alburo
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