Electronic books or e-books are books in digital form. UPSE Library has a modest collection of purchase and gift e-books. Institutional exchange partners, such as: World Bank (Open Knowledge Repository), International Monetary Bank, (IMF eLibrary); and Asian Development Bank  Library are sources of  current ebooks.

These can be read inside the library or downloaded and saved to a local disk to be read anywhere and anytime.

  • Cambridge Books Online Cambridge Books Online offers predefined or bespoke collections of content within a richly functional, fully searchable online environment. Majority of the collections pertains to economics topics. Below are the available titles specifically chosen for economics majors:

Building Chicago economics : new perspectives on the history of America’s most powerful economics program

Cases in European competition policy : the economic analysis

The Clash of economic ideas: the great policy debates and experiments of the last hundred years

Competition policy and patent law under uncertainty : regulation innovation

Culture in economics : history, methodological reflections and methodological reflections and contemporary applications

The Decline of the traditional pension : a comparative study of the threats to retirement security

Dynamic modelling and applications for global analysis

Economics of freedom : theory, measurement, and policy implications

Economic openness and territorial politics in China

Economics and marijuana : consumption, pricing and legalisation

Epistemic game theory : reasoning and choice

Europe and the maritime world : a twentieth century history

Game theory: interactive strategies in economics and management

Global energy assessment : toward a sustainable future

Governance, regulation and powers on the internet

Government versus markets : the changing economic role of the state