Village Social Network Structures, Electoral Competition and Public Goods Provision

UPSE-PCED Seminar by Dr. Julien Labonne (University of Oxford) More »

A Financial Conditions Index for the Philippines: What can it tell us?

UPSE-PCED Seminar by Dr. Margarita Debuque-Gonzales (University of the Philippines, School of Economics) More »

Natural Disaster, Migration and Income: A Panel Data Analysis

UPSE-PCED Seminar by Dr. Marjorie Pajaron (University of the Philippines, School of Economics) More »

Disaster and Preference: Evidence from Japan and the Philippines

UPSE-PCED Seminar by Yasuyuki Sawada (Chief Economist, Asian Development Bank) More »

Linking Migration and Development - Which Role for Civil Society?

UPSE-PCED Seminar by Dr. Stefan Rother (University of Freiburg) More »


Recent Publications

Discussion Papers

  • (DP 2018-02) Determining the Inflationary Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Philippines – by  AL Arcenas
  • (DP 2018-01) Establishing the Link Between Poverty and Changes in Climatic Conditions in the Philippines – by  AL Arcenas
  • (DP 2017-08) Quality of Growth and Poverty Incidence in Low Income Countries: The Role of Manufacturing – by SS Daway, GM Ducanes, & RV Fabella
  • (DP 2017-07) Violent conflicts in ARMM: Probing the factors related to local political, identity, and shadow-economy hostilities – by JJ Capuno
  • (DP 2017-06) Measuring Trade Costs and Gains from Trade Facilitation in the Philippines – by RL Clarete
  • (DP 2017-05) Awards and Rewards: Evidence from an Evaluation of the Metrobank’s Search for Outstanding Teachers – by MV Ravago & DS Mapa
  • (DP 2017-04) Impure Altruism and Other Donor Attraction Factors: A Study Based on a Database of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in the Philippines – by RE Reside, Jr.
  • (DP 2017-03) Factors associated with the delay in seeking inpatient and outpatient care services in the Philippines – by JJ Capuno, AD Kraft, LC Poco, SA Quimbo, & CAR Tan, Jr.
  • (DP 2017-02) Memoir: The founding of PIDS – by GP Sicat
  • (DP 2017-01) Competition, Regulation and Institutional Quality – by RV Fabella

PRE Articles (June 2017 issue)

  • A new look at Philippine export performance: a firm-level view – by AO Balaoing-Pelkmans
  • Moving out of poverty: a brief review of the process of inclusive growth in Lao People’s Democratic Republic – by JP Estudillo,  K Phimmavong, & FMA Quimba
  • Subjective well-being approach for testing money illusion: evidence using data from Social Weather Stations – by EL Beja Jr.
  • The multivariate dynamic causal relations between financial depth, inflation, and economic growth – by RP Pradhan, Y Nishigaki, & JH Hall
  • How we measure poverty underestimates its extent and depth – by EA Tan
  • Measuring political dynasties in Metro Manila – by RT Balanquit, LO Coronel, & JY Yambao

Policy Notes

  • (PN 2015-01) Solar Power’s Dawning and Promise for Inclusive Green Growth – by E Pernia
  • (PN 2014-6) Improving Credit Access for the Food and Agriculture Sector through the Enhanced Implementation of Existing Policies and New Strategies – by G Teves
  • (PN 2014-5R) Eastern Visayas after Yolanda: Evidence from Household Survey – by M Ravago, D Mapa, and Associates
  • (PN 2014-4) Investing in S&T and R&D in the Face of AEC Competition – by E Pernia and R Clarete
  • (PN 2014-3) Tax Policy for Good Governance, Job Creation and Inclusive Growth – by R Alonso
  • (PN 2014-2) Designing a Competitive Electricity Market – by MJ Abrenica
  • (PN 2014-1) How did the Philippines level its tax treatment of imported and local distilled spirits? – by R Clarete