Former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales guest speaker at the 2019 UPSE recognition program for graduating students

Former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales was the guest speaker during the Recognition Rites of the UP School of Economics graduating students of 2019. Looking on are the faculty of the School of Economics More »

UPSE Recognition Day - Jose Encarnacion Award for Excellence in Economics

Christian Fitzedward C. Tan received the Jose Encarnacion Award for Excellence in Economics. He is also graduated summa cum laude and valedictorian of the batch. More »

UPSE Recognition Day - G.P. Sicat Awards for Best Thesis

(From left) Renee Andrea B. Arellano and Ysabel Anne G. Ramos (Best Paper) with their adviser Dr. Karl Jandoc, Kim Allisson G. Mauricio and Corinne F. Sangalang (Second Best Paper) with their adviser Dr. Emmanuel Esguerra, Clarisse Kora L. Sibal and Alyya Amerys A. Tuazon (Third Best Paper) with their adviser Dr. Cielo Magno More »


Recent Publications

Discussion Papers

  • (DP 2019-02) Prospects of Migration – by EA Tan
  • (DP 2019-01) Power Industry Disruptors and Prospects of the Electricity Demand in the Greater Metro-Manila Area – by RV Fabella & GM Ducanes
  • (DP 2018-05) Export Promotion Policy and Economic Growth in the Philippines: A Comparative Context  – by FA Alburo
  • (DP 2018-04 revised, 12 September 2018) Federalism and Inclusion in Developing Economies – by RV Fabella & SS Daway-Ducanes
  • (DP 2018-03) On The Emerging Challenges in the Services Industry: Trade and Investment –  by FA Alburo
  • (DP 2018-02) Determining the Inflationary Effects of El Niño and La Niña in the Philippines – by  AL Arcenas
  • (DP 2018-01) Establishing the Link Between Poverty and Changes in Climatic Conditions in the Philippines – by  AL Arcenas

PRE Articles (December 2017 issue)


  • Southeast Asia in the global economy: a selective analytical survey – by H Hill
  • Philippine inequality across the twentieth century: slim evidence, but fat questions – by J Williamson
  • Philippine policy reforms and infrastructure development: a historical account – by DB Canlas
  • The fiscal program in recent Philippine history: looking back and looking forward – by BE Diokno
  • Amado Castro and gender equity in education – by VB Paqueo & AC Orbeta
  • Quality, inequality and recent education reform – by EA Tan
  • Non-inclusive growth, the profit motive, and the case for inclusive business – by NS Poblador
  • A memoir of the young UP School of Economics – by GP Sicat

Memorial Pieces

  • Remembering Amado Castro – by B Legarda Jr.
  • Amado Castro: economist, educator – by CEA Virata
  • The early years of the University of the Philippines School of Economics – by JG Williamson
  • Remembering Dr. Amado Castro – by BM Villegas
  • A loving tribute to Dr. Amado A. Castro – by ZAC Alonzo

Policy Notes

  • (PN 2015-01) Solar Power’s Dawning and Promise for Inclusive Green Growth – by E Pernia
  • (PN 2014-6) Improving Credit Access for the Food and Agriculture Sector through the Enhanced Implementation of Existing Policies and New Strategies – by G Teves
  • (PN 2014-5R) Eastern Visayas after Yolanda: Evidence from Household Survey – by M Ravago, D Mapa, and Associates
  • (PN 2014-4) Investing in S&T and R&D in the Face of AEC Competition – by E Pernia and R Clarete
  • (PN 2014-3) Tax Policy for Good Governance, Job Creation and Inclusive Growth – by R Alonso
  • (PN 2014-2) Designing a Competitive Electricity Market – by MJ Abrenica
  • (PN 2014-1) How did the Philippines level its tax treatment of imported and local distilled spirits? – by R Clarete