Senator Angara guest speaker at the UPSE 2016 recognition rites for graduating students

Senator Edgardo J. Angara (Former Senate President and Former UP President) was the guest speaker during the Recognition Rites of the UP School of Economics graduating students of 2016. Looking on are the faculty of the School of Economics More »

Special awards recipients

The recipients for this year`s Gerardo P. Sicat Award for Best Undergraduate Thesis and FMAP Award for Best Undergraduate Paper in Monetary and Financial Economics were Elmar John O. Aniciete and Christine Anne M. Barchini (2nd and 4th from left) while the Jose Encarnacion, Jr. Award for Excellence in Economics went to Anthony Adam V. Sy (rightmost). More »

SE summa cum laude graduates present at University Graduation program

UPSE students who graduated with summa cum laude honors pose for a picture with UPD Chancellor Michale L. Tan during the 2016 University graduation program. (from left: Gutierrez, Miguel Raymundo C. (BS Econ); Atanacio, Danilo Lorenzo S. (BS Econ); Suero, Joshua Elias Fred A. (BS Econ); Yoon, Hyung Tong (BS Econ); Dela Rosa, Arbie F. (BS BE); UPD Chancellor Michael L. Tan) More »


Recent Publications

Discussion Papers

  • (DP 2016-05) Conglopolistic Competition in Small Emerging Economies: When Large and Diversified is Beautiful – by RV Fabella
  • (DP 2016-04) Groups, Norms and Endogenous Membership: Towards a Socially Inclusive Economics – by RV Fabella
  • (DP 2016-03) Behavioral Polymorphism in Bayesian Games – by RV Fabella
  • (DP 2016-02) Do Regions Gain from an Open Economy? – by EM Pernia & JEM Lazatin
  • (DP 2016-01) Climate Change, Dengue and the Economy: Ascertaining the Link Between Dengue and Climatic Conditions – by AL Arcenas
  • (DP 2015-17) Political Intervention in the Philippine Bureaucracy, 1987 to 2010: How, where and to what effect – by TC Monsod

PRE Articles (December 2015 issue)

  • Urban-rural income and wage gaps in the Philippines: measurement error, unequal endowments, or factor market failure? – by Karl Kendrick Chua, Louie Limkin, John Nye, &  Jeffrey Williamson
  • American private direct investment in the Philippines after independence – by GP Sicat
  • Singapore’s five decades of development: lessons and future directions – by CS Yue
  • The Philippines: on the road to being an emerging economy – by DB Canlas
  • Development progeria: the role of institutions and the exchange rate – by SS Daway & RV Fabella
  • Malaysia-China trade: old and new routes – by TS Yean & AJY Kam
  • Class participation in politics in Southeast Asia – by JJ Capuno
  • The effect of trade policy on firm productivity in Thai manufacturing – by A Kohpaiboon & J Jongwanich
  • Households’ access to financial services: some evidence from survey data – by GM Llanto
  • The ASEAN business cycle and China’s slowdown – by B Nidhiprabha
  • Goods trade liberalization under the ASEAN Economic Community: effects on the Philippine economy – by RL Clarete & PAP Tuano
  • Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A note  – by ES de Dios & K Dinglasan

Policy Notes

  • (PN 2015-01) Solar Power’s Dawning and Promise for Inclusive Green Growth – by E Pernia
  • (PN 2014-6) Improving Credit Access for the Food and Agriculture Sector through the Enhanced Implementation of Existing Policies and New Strategies – by G Teves
  • (PN 2014-5R) Eastern Visayas after Yolanda: Evidence from Household Survey – by M Ravago, D Mapa, and Associates
  • (PN 2014-4) Investing in S&T and R&D in the Face of AEC Competition – by E Pernia and R Clarete
  • (PN 2014-3) Tax Policy for Good Governance, Job Creation and Inclusive Growth – by R Alonso
  • (PN 2014-2) Designing a Competitive Electricity Market – by MJ Abrenica
  • (PN 2014-1) How did the Philippines level its tax treatment of imported and local distilled spirits? – by R Clarete