If federalism is the answer, what is the question?

From left: Dr. Agustin Arcenas (Associate Professor, UP School of Economics); Dr. Cielo Magno (Assistant Professor, UP School of Economics); Dr. Jorge V. Tigno (Professor and Chair, Department of Political Science, UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy); Katherine Laycock (University of Waterloo); Dr. Paul Hutchcroft (Professor of Political and Social Change, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs - Australian National University); Dr. Ronald U. Mendoza (Dean and Associate Professor, ADMU School of Government); Hon. Joey Salceda (District Representative, Albay, 2nd District) More »

World Bank East Asia and Pacific Economic Update and Philippines Economic Update October 2016 edition

UPSE-PCED seminar by Dr. Birgit Hansl (World Bank, East Asia and the Pacific Region) and Dr. Sudhir Shetty (World Bank, East Asia and the Pacific Region) More »

Financial incentives and its impact on maternal and child health: a study in the Philippines

UPSE-PCED seminar by Kanako Yoshikawa (PhD Candidate, Osaka University) More »


Recent Publications

Discussion Papers

  • (DP 2016-11) WASH for child health: Some evidence in support of public intervention in the Philippines – by JJ Capuno, CR Tan, Jr. and X Javier
  • (DP 2016-10) Comprehensive Tax Reform in the Philippines: Principles, History and Recommendations – by RE Reside, Jr and L Burns
  • (DP 2016-09) Procurement Auctions with Interdependent Values and Affiliated Signals – by RM Balanquit & MJM Kimwell
  • (DP 2016-08) Common Belief Revisited – by RMT Balanquit
  • (DP 2016-07) Threshold Bank-run Equilibrium in Dynamic Games – by RMT Balanquit
  • (DP 2016-06) Why Fixed Rent Contracts are Less Prevalent: Weak Third Party Enforcement and Endogenous Principal Type – by RV Fabella

PRE Articles (December 2015 issue)

  • Urban-rural income and wage gaps in the Philippines: measurement error, unequal endowments, or factor market failure? – by Karl Kendrick Chua, Louie Limkin, John Nye, &  Jeffrey Williamson
  • American private direct investment in the Philippines after independence – by GP Sicat
  • Singapore’s five decades of development: lessons and future directions – by CS Yue
  • The Philippines: on the road to being an emerging economy – by DB Canlas
  • Development progeria: the role of institutions and the exchange rate – by SS Daway & RV Fabella
  • Malaysia-China trade: old and new routes – by TS Yean & AJY Kam
  • Class participation in politics in Southeast Asia – by JJ Capuno
  • The effect of trade policy on firm productivity in Thai manufacturing – by A Kohpaiboon & J Jongwanich
  • Households’ access to financial services: some evidence from survey data – by GM Llanto
  • The ASEAN business cycle and China’s slowdown – by B Nidhiprabha
  • Goods trade liberalization under the ASEAN Economic Community: effects on the Philippine economy – by RL Clarete & PAP Tuano
  • Just how good is unemployment as a measure of welfare? A note  – by ES de Dios & K Dinglasan

Policy Notes

  • (PN 2015-01) Solar Power’s Dawning and Promise for Inclusive Green Growth – by E Pernia
  • (PN 2014-6) Improving Credit Access for the Food and Agriculture Sector through the Enhanced Implementation of Existing Policies and New Strategies – by G Teves
  • (PN 2014-5R) Eastern Visayas after Yolanda: Evidence from Household Survey – by M Ravago, D Mapa, and Associates
  • (PN 2014-4) Investing in S&T and R&D in the Face of AEC Competition – by E Pernia and R Clarete
  • (PN 2014-3) Tax Policy for Good Governance, Job Creation and Inclusive Growth – by R Alonso
  • (PN 2014-2) Designing a Competitive Electricity Market – by MJ Abrenica
  • (PN 2014-1) How did the Philippines level its tax treatment of imported and local distilled spirits? – by R Clarete