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A scarce commodity in the House

If the order in which problems are tackled indicates their relative priority, then the House of Representatives gives the highest importance to reimposing the death penalty for heinous crimes. Because that is what House Bill No. 1, which calls itself the proposed “Death Penalty Law,” is about.

Crossed lines

This following question could come up if a student is particularly bright and observant, or if she just wants to make trouble...

Manufacturing, quality of growth, and poverty reduction

The economic cluster of the Duterte watch has been making noises about the revival of Manufacturing and bringing its poverty reducing bonanza to the regions. That is unequivocably a correct strategy. The recent past points to its validity. That recent past is the poverty reduction performance of the Aquino watch.

Duterte and Trump: a close call

I would rather be in the Philippines contending with a narcissistic-personality-disordered man like Duterte than in the U.S. contending with a narcissistic-personality-disordered man like Trump. What are the odds of the two countries electing similarly afflicted personalities? I cannot venture to say.

President Duterte’s lament and the road to self-sustaining economic growth

The true test of whether the Duterte government can take the road to self-sustaining growth revolves around the recently announced tax reform program. If this bold reform program gets approved, the goal of achieving sustained growth would be near in sight.

Let’s look at Thailand’s war on drugs

Will this war on drugs be successful? And the answer that I give is a resounding NO. What is the basis for that answer? My basis is the experience of Thailand,

Hal Hill’s review of the Cesar Virata biography

As I am on a brief vacation, I take the liberty of using my column space to present a work of Professor Hal Hill, who is H.W. Arndt Professor of Southeast Asian Economics, Australian National University. He reviewed my book: Cesar Virata. Life and Times through Four Decades of Philippine Economic History (UP Press, 2014)....

2016, pluses and minuses

The polite word to describe this past year is: Challenging. For me, personally. For the country. And for the world.

On aging and exercise

When we are young we take exercise for granted. We postpone that call for the easy way out in favor of work, work, work, and partying and less demanding leisure.

Selected faculty publications 2015-present

Publications by UPSE Faculty from 2015 indexed in the Web of Science (Thomson-Reuters).

What I like about Simbang Gabi

The nine days of waking up at 4:30 in the morning to be at Mass at 5 (I am a fast dresser—and would you believe that period includes a bath and a half-mile walk to church?) may be a pain in the behind, but that’s all a part of the preparation.

Implement the Reproductive Health Law fully

President Duterte, in his State of the Nation address, said the government would undertake full implementation of the law. In fact, family planning as envisioned by the law is one of the 10 points of his economic program. Lack of attention might have happened due to the focus on the war on illegal drugs.