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Lessons from KISS!, Wimbledon and football 2018, and the draft federal constitution

Management experts tell us about the virtue of KISS! –”Keep It Simple, Stupid!” In short, this advice or admonition means “the simpler, the better.” Perhaps, wisdom epitomizes the phrase, “Less is more!”

Effort, opportunity, and the standard of success

An address delivered before the School of Economics Graduating Class of 2018, during Recognition Rites held 22 June 2018 at the University Theater, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

Fight the evil

You are more than likely to see men and women who are honest, upstanding citizens, people who would go out of their way to help other people. Yet we are a country described as one whose people have an inherently flawed moral character, what with laws broken with impunity.

Economic risks of the Build Build Build program

Even if there were no external and political risks facing the Build Build Build program of infrastructure, economic risks present themselves in several forms.

The Build Build Build program and domestic political risk

The nation struggles with the daily reminder of infrastructure deficiency as a major choking point in investment attraction. To relieve that obstacle is, according to one belief, the gateway to a lot of new and good private investments. We all get that message. Infrastructure gridlock is a reality that must be overcome.

Do you believe the police?

The “Tisoy” Argoncillo case is illustrative of several things that are wrong with the Philippines.

Effort, opportunity and the standard of success: a commencement address.

In the final accounting, though, we might say at least that we have done our best in those moments when we were challenged or have avoided the worst possible outcomes.

Trade war: Consequences on nations

With US metal tariffs taking effect in July, some steel exporting countries are already set with their equivalent direct retaliation against the US.

Opportunity and danger: trade war and summit

A contradiction of opportunity and danger summarizes three major current events that are shaping the geopolitical and international trade scenario. All of these measures are related to actions initiated by President Trump as he tries to advance his economic and political agenda on the world scene.

Strong leader as miracle worker: Deng Xiaoping drilled down

In the early 1980s, the battle for the hearts and minds of China was raging between the Deng Xiaoping partisans who shared his vision of a market and an open economy and the Chen Yun partisans who clung to a planned and closed economy.

The minimum wage and economic progress

Unrealistic or excessive demands concerning minimum wage could escalate into unproductive outcomes for all involved. Unfortunately, in our present case, where the good jobs are less plentiful in relation to all the workers seeking to fill them, the imposition of high minimum wages will only cause loss of jobs for many workers.

Shame on you, BI

Sister Pat Fox speaks Filipino more fluently than I can. The Bureau of Immigration is adamant that she violated the terms of her missionary visa, and has refused with finality her request for reconsideration.