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Why am I so sure Leni has won?

The people have spoken. They have emphatically chosen Rodrigo Duterte to be their President. Their choice of Leni to be Duterte’s Vice President makes sense. Where Duterte is there to protect people from harm, they look to Leni to see to their economic needs, including the need to rein in Duterte.

Duterte’s victory signifies major political, social and economic change in the country

The presidential election of 2016 ends as a clear mandate for change on political, social and, perhaps, economic dimensions. Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of Davao, becomes the first Filipino president from the island of Mindanao. Geographically, this marks a shift from the geographic center of political power.

The economy and the next president

With just one week to go, the campaign frenzy for president has gone high stakes. With one candidate as front-runner (Duterte), there are three candidates chasing (Roxas, Poe and Binay), according to voter preference polls.

Knowledge capital for self-sustaining, inclusive development

That education is indispensable for personal advancement and national progress is widely acknowledged. Good education that’s widely shared results in higher productivity and entrepreneurial skills and, hence, lower levels of poverty and inequality.

My choices for prez, VP (1)

Every voter should be able to defend his or her choice of president and vice president (and, for that matter, his or her other choices for public office) in a way that will show that the Philippines will be better off for it.

The next president: Duterte vs. Roxas and Poe’s bubble

It would be crystal balling to speculate on election outcomes. I will not do this. But I will try to explain the reasons behind the evolution of the presidential campaign so far.

Aquino government caught in the inaction zone

On the eve of Mr. Aquino’s exit from Malacañang, it can now be told: the contribution of government to the economic expansion in the last 5 years is nil if not negative.

Underspending: a bad habit that’s hard to break

The recently released budget numbers showed an administration that’s having a hard time breaking a bad habit: underspending. Not surprisingly, the release of the 2015 fiscal numbers was delayed.

Presidential politics and reflected glory

Great presidents and popular leaders often start a line of politicians within the family and through generations. Popularity renders a consequence that is either planned or unintended.

This is transformational leadership?

Are we going crazy? Dudirty makes a really gross, tasteless, unfeeling, thoughtless comment about a foreign rape victim, and we, or the people listening to him, laugh—an equally gross, tasteless, unfeeling, thoughtless reaction.

Presidentiables sans the spin (2)

As for Grace Poe and Mar Roxas, we continue from last week.

The next President should reform the tax system

Without question, it is the economically smart thing to do. Any presidential candidate who promises not to reform the Philippine tax structure does not understand the enormity of the country’s economic problems and is not getting honest and competent advice from his or her economic experts.