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53 accounts in 4 banks

It seems that former vice mayor Mercado and his charges are being vindicated by the AMLC report. I have only one question: If the Republic of the Philippines has filed a case against the Vice President of the Philippines, shouldn’t he at least resign from his Cabinet position?

Travelling by road and ro-ro to the Visayan islands and Mindanao

It is possible to travel by road from Luzon to any point in the larger islands of the Visayas and Mindanao without riding an airplane. It can be done (by road )with the help of roll-on, roll-off -- or Ro-Ro -- ships.

With serious unemployment and poverty, the government underspends half-trillion pesos

Now, it can be told: President Aquino III has squandered opportunities to address unemployment, poverty, and hunger. The government’s most direct intervention to address these interlinked problems is by spending for public infrastructure, investment in human capital, and social protection.

Selected publications 2010-2015

International publications by UPSE Faculty from 2010 (Indexed in the Web of Science )

Management has got to go

More than two months ago I wrote a column about the death of Liam Madamba, a full scholar of British School Manila. What has happened since then?

Limited FDI inflows show that the Philippines is uncompetitive

The Aquino administration, in its final year, and the next administration, has to move heaven and earth to drastically reform the Philippine economic landscape.

Banaue rice terraces, the ‘heirloom rice’ project, and community development in the Cordilleras

How do we interrelate the safekeeping of the works of famed painter – Vicente Manansala the National Artist – with the continued survival of our unique rice terraces as living monuments of mountain rice growing?

Elpidio Quirino’s minimum wage law

Yesterday was Labor Day. I doubt that many Filipinos remember that the first Minimum Wage Law in the Philippines (Republic Act No. 602) was enacted 64 years ago (April 6, 1951), during the administration of President Elpidio Quirino.

The risks of a rising peso

Recent data show that the United States economic recovery remains tentative. These lead to fresh speculation that the peso will start to appreciate. But a strong peso does not necessarily mean that the Philippine economy is weak, but that the US economy is weak. In fact, a strong peso is not necessarily good for most...

Thailand harnessed foreign direct investments to raise its economic fortunes

Thailand today is the most economically diversified and successful of the Asean countries. Singapore and Malaysia are not as diversified. In terms of output per head and industrialization, Thailand is ahead of Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam and all other member countries.

Foreign direct investments brought big gains to high-growth East Asian countries

In the past few weeks, I discussed, in succession, how foreign direct investments (FDIs) improved and accelerated the economic progress of Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. I could have looked further back in history and done the same review for the newly industrialized countries of East Asia.

A cry for help directed at P-Noy

John Philip Sevilla sends in his resignation letter as commissioner of the Bureau of Customs on Wednesday. On Friday, his replacement, Bert Lina, takes the oath of office. A one-day hiatus.