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Financing our electoral democracy invites corruption and plunder

In less than two years, the next president of the country will be elected. We are in the season of looking for viable candidates prior to the election. The vice president – Jejomar Binay – is the hot frontrunner among potential candidates.

Budget reform: do it now, do it for the future

During his final 18 months in office, President Aquino III should push for a core of budget reforms that would prepare the Philippines for the future.

Local versus national laws: when an impasse occurs

When local governments can veto nationally important projects or craft a legal quasi-blockade of nationally valuable assets within its jurisdiction, the whole nation falls into the “tragedy of nth best”, which flows from the non-use or inefficient use of national assets.

Binay and the court of public opinion

Why the concentration on the overpriced building and Binay? Because Binay has made no secret of his desire to be president of the Philippines in 2016. Therefore, Filipinos should have access to independent information on how he ran Makati, which will help them make up their minds as to whether he deserves to be president....

Alonso i Terme on tax effort and tax reforms

Professor Rosa Alonso i Terme's views on tax effort and tax reform were extensively covered in an article by Amado Mendoza, Jr. writing for the news site, Interaksyon.com.

Europe’s double-dip recession and growth woes

Europe’s recent economic experience is a double dip-recession -- a prolonged recession that continues to this day. Like that of the United States economy, developments in the European economy have an influence on world trade, investments and economic growth.

Illicit cigarette trading up, and so is revenue loss

New disturbing evidence has emerged recently. It supports the view that illicit trade is rising and that, as a result, significant tax loss has been incurred by the government. For the Philippines, it is estimated that the tax loss from illicit consumption of cigarettes rose 496.6%, according to a recent study by Oxford Economics....

Drawing the line between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour

If we agree that campus protest is legitimate, the real question is where to draw the line between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

Can’t the same standard be used in Makati?

My attention was recently caught by a news report that the Sandiganbayan found Zenaida Maamo guilty beyond reasonable doubt of violating the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act, and that it had sentenced her to a prison term of six years and one month (minimum) to 10 years (maximum), plus perpetual disqualification from public office.

The US economic recovery and growth

It has been a full year since I commented on the world economy. The US economy is important to all open economies – through the influence it has on trade, investment and productive activity.

The idiocy of a re-enacted budget

No president would willingly have a reenacted budget in place of a new one. Such behavior is irrational, indefensible and idiotic.

The Bangsamoro’s labor market policies: how to promote more employment and eradicate poverty

Provinces in the Bangsamoro region are among the poorest areas in the country. There, poverty is severe and unemployment(including underemployment) is a big problem.