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Where have the SC justices been?

The condonation doctrine says that if you are a public official and have committed misdeeds, your reelection wipes the slate clean because the electorate had full knowledge of your misdeeds when they cast their votes, and they still voted you back. No administrative charges can be brought against you.

The APEC Summit in Manila and globalization

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit meeting in Manila puts the country on the international map this week.

All her fault

Nearly three decades after it ended, still no proper account has been written of the economy under authoritarian rule, which is a big reason that Millennials have only an inkling of what transpired during those years.

APEC: costs and benefits

There are two questions worth considering with regard to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec). The first is: Is the Apec worth it? The second is: Is hosting an Apec meeting worth it?

The nation during Elpidio Quirino’s presidency, 1948 to 1953

Quirino’s presidency was eventful and positive for the nation. He won a close election on his own in 1949. His accomplishments do not match the low reputation that is associated with his presidency.

Old habits die hard

The outgoing Aquino III administration has the bad habit of underspending what Congress has authorized it to spend. ... From the looks of it, the fiscal year will close with much more serious underspending.

Two scared ladies and their ‘anting-anting’ bullters

At NAIA 3 two days ago, I had a personal, in-your-face experience with bureaucracy at its most mulish, and its effect on the ordinary, everyday citizen who has neither money nor connections.

Nov. 1 thoughts: economics and social practices on the end of life

The most striking observation a Martian visiting our cemeteries could make is the stark difference in the income and wealth among the deceased. In life as in death, the rich try to be different from the rest among us.

Ease of doing business is improving but more difficult this year than in 2015

The good news is that the ease of doing business in the Philippines has improved during the last six years. The bad news is that such advance was not good enough.

Early days

The beginnings of the School of Economics can be traced to the minuscule economics department that moved to the Diliman campus after the war. Amado Castro reminisces, “The economics faculty was just me and Valmonte.”

We got what we wanted

How sweet is the taste of victory. And a main contributor to that victory was Antonio Carpio, who has spent more than four years helping craft the legal strategy that led to it, and beating the international bushes to make sure that the lies of China are shown up for what they are.

TPP beneficial for Philippine economic progress

Should we join the Trans-Pacific Partnership? And what benefits are we likely to reap?