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Sison and the peace talks

About two years ago, Alex Padilla of the government’s peace panel already said that it seemed Sison was no longer in control of the CPP, the NDF and the New People’s Army.

An avalanche of non-economic reforms is on the way — SONA

Aside from waging the war against illegal drugs in the country, President Duterte made big promises that he backs up with committed and concrete action programs in his first SONA.

The Gon I knew

I learned about Gon’s passing while in the US. By impulse, I felt a big loss. I just had to pause and think about the Gon I knew.

Gon: not forgotten

It’s literally true Gon Jurado was with the School of Economics from its birth. He joined the faculty in 1965, as soon as he finished his M.A. from the department, the same year this institution was established as a separate academic unit.

Shoot now, ask questions later

PDu30’s State of the Nation Address, all 90 minutes of it, may be classified into 38 minutes of prepared speech and 52 minutes of straight-from-the-heart talk. He should change his speech writers because they failed to make his speech sound like it came from him.

How sweet it is (2)

Finally convinced that going multilateral was the best route, P-Noy convened the Council of State at the earliest opportunity after his return from Cambodia, reported what had occurred, and proposed that the Philippines go to the Permanent Court of Arbitration.

SONA: analysis, vision, expectations, and reality

As in a ballgame, the SONA is the grand moment when the president has the ball and directs it in order to score the goal. Since he directs the ball, the president could also lose control of it through mishandling or mistake.

Federalism 101: meaningful autonomy, virtues and frailties

What are the possible virtues and frailties of meaningful federalism? My perspective will be economic and will be limited. Everything depends upon meaningful autonomy.

Big power behavior, the Law of the Seas, and our interests in the West Philippine Sea

The economic resources involved for us are enormous, yet undefined since such resources are still to be fully discovered and accounted for. Since sovereign control over resources are for all time, their immediate future value for the nation cannot be fully fathomed.

How sweet it is (1)

We won. How sweet the taste of victory, and against a giant at that. And then we must also take care that this victory doesn’t turn into ashes in our mouth due to neglect, or because private, individual, or corporate interests have taken precedence over national interest.

President Durerte’s inaugural address deconstructed for actions and directions

President Rodrigo Duterte’s inaugural speech was brief, simple and meaningful. There is no soaring rhetoric, no prose masquerading as poetry. It focused on the essentials, on actionable programs and intents.

Encomia and potshots

Bottom line: PDu30, we are behind you in cleaning up the country’s drug problem. Your shock-and-awe tactics may be impressive at first glance, but the honeymoon will soon be over.