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What goes on in Bilibid

As of yesterday, the prison population in the maximum-security camp of the national penitentiary in Muntinlupa was 15,978, being guarded by 126 Special Action Force men per shift. Which means that the ratio of guards to inmates is 1 to 126 in the maximum-security camp. And that there is terrible congestion because the original...

A comprehensive tax reform to fund inclusive growth is in sight

A major tax reform program to finance and sustain the country’s development program is due to be submitted for enactment by Congress this month.
Nine lives to save

Nine lives to save

PhilHealth says they enrolled nine out of ten Filipinos. This film says PhilHealth protects only one in ten.

Cleverly planted witness, or for real?

Edgar Matobato: Is he a cleverly planted witness to destroy President Duterte’s reputation? Or is he for real? On the basis of what I have read and heard, these are the arguments for the two sides.

Tact and diplomacy: Duterte-Obama miscues, the fallout and the economy

No single event in the last week has dominated Philippine discussion more than the spat that arose out of the media report on President Rodrigo Duterte’s outburst a day before his trip to the ASEAN summit in Laos.

‘Skeletons of their kleptocracy’

Why does one solicitor general call Marcos a kleptocrat, stealing from the Filipino people, and another solicitor general call him a hero?

Asean business outlook, US foreign investments, and the Philippines

The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the US Chamber of Commerce undertook its ASEAN business outlook for 2017. It is based on a survey of American business executives located in the ASEAN region. My interest in reviewing this survey is to highlight the implications on the Philippines.
New financial economics blog

New financial economics blog

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Remember the “Three Furies” of the Aquino administration? They were tasked to seek out the corrupt in the administration, and they went about it like, well, like the three furies of Greek mythology.

The first Duterte budget proposal, priorities, and economic reforms

Last week, the Duterte administration submitted its first budget proposal for enactment by Congress. Aside from providing for the day to day business of the government as an institution, the budget does not disappoint in outlining the new directions and programs of the new administration.

De Lima’s record speaks for itself

This persecution of Leila de Lima is getting out of hand. That it is led by President Duterte makes it even worse.

The poverty of our Olympic harvest in sports

Since we first participated in the modern Olympic games as a country, we have won only 10 medals: zero gold, three silvers, seven bronzes.