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Philippine economy: the Golidlocks scenario

Speaking before the Wallace Business Forum recently, BSP Governor Banjamin Diokno said that the economy is in the Goldilocks phase.

Lessons to learn from the HK Chinese

What can we learn from the Hong Kong Chinese in so far as the handling of mainland China’s designs on them?

India’s economic growth and the Philippines compared

Comparisons with other countries enable us to see ourselves in a fresh light. We get to understand and appreciate our problems and strengths in perspective.

Why are we so craven?

It’s really an open invitation for China to do whatever it wants with us, and we will welcome whatever it dishes out.

Mexico and the Philippines: economic relations with the US compared

Of all countries that I often cite about missing many economic opportunities in the past, Mexico comes close to being in our image.

There’s ‘growth’, then there’s growth

What is not at issue is that a society failing to make progress in height — or worse, retrogressing in stature like the Philippines “cannot be in a wholesome state” and is failing to address serious problems of nutrition, disease, and poverty.

Graduating class, 2019: national and global dimension

The graduates represent the product of the educational system. They symbolize the quality of the future yet to be experienced. Will it be bright?

Once a liar, now he’s telling the truth?

Charges against the Duterte clan and friends, Bikoy is a liar. Charges against the Liberal Party and Trillanes, Bikoy is telling the truth. Is that fair? Is that just? Is that the rule of law?

Deeper economic reforms a must after Duterte’s midterm victory

Some foreign observers look at this victory as “weakening” Philippine democracy. This is foolish judgment. The vote was firm and strongly indicated a landslide victory in a fair exercise of the vote, which is the mark of any democracy.

Was there tampering and manipulation?

Is it possible that there was tampering in the 2019 elections and manipulation of the results? I asked a couple of IT experts. The answer was a resounding yes. It is possible. Whether it actually happened is another matter.

The worsening US-China trade war

The big economic news today is the failure of the US and China to end the trade war with an agreement. While initially there was widespread optimism about a deal in the works last week, a rude awakening came.

What have they done to deserve our vote?

The midterm elections are upon us, and my colleagues in the political sciences and in public administration say that the results will be an indication of how the country assesses the President, as he hits the middle of his administration.